RSS Honours - Celebrating the work of RSS fellows

Honours Committee members
Chair: Andy Garrett (President)
Sylvia Richardson (immediate past President)
William Browne
Peter Buhlmann
Roma Chappell
Tricia Dodd
Idris Eckley
David Firth
Scott Heald
Janine Illian
Max Parmar
Fiona Steele

Search Committee members for 2024 awards
Sheila Bird
Peter Challenor
Paul Fearnhead
Andy Grieve
Clare Griffiths
Roger Halliday
Robin Mitra
Henry Wynn
Qiwei Yao

Through our medals and prizes, we want to celebrate the breadth of talent throughout the Society and the discipline. Nominations can be made by individual RSS fellows as well as our committees, sections, and special interest and local groups. This year we are also appointing a search committee to seek out and nominate candidates to ensure the process is as inclusive as possible.  

Our Honours Committee, chaired by our president, considers the nominations according to the criteria for each award. Award winners are announced in March each year, and this is followed by an awards ceremony at the RSS annual conference in September.  

If you know someone who is deserving of an RSS honour, do not hesitate to nominate them! We are excited to recognise and represent the wide range of excellence across the statistics community. 

Please refer to the Guidance Notes for submitting a nomination and complete the relevant nomination form (attached to each award description) which details the criteria necessary for consideration. Nominations should be submitted by 31 October 2023. Full instructions are included on the form. 

Guy Medals

Named after William Augustus Guy, the British medical statistician. The Bronze and Silver medals are awarded annually and the Gold medal is awarded every two years

The Barnett Award

Established in memory of Vic Barnett, recognising outstanding contributions to the field of environmental statistics

Honorary Fellowship

Awarded to individuals of great eminence working in fields related to statistics who are not necessarily or primarily members of the statistical profession

David Cox Research Prize

Awarded to a fellow of the Society near the beginning of their research career for an outstanding published contribution to statistical theory or application

Bradford Hill Medal

Awarded to a fellow for outstanding or influential contributions to medical statistics

Howard Medal

Awarded to those who have contributed to the field of social statistics

Greenfield Industrial Medal

Recognising contributions of statistical science to all aspects of manufacturing industry

Wood Medal

Established in memory of the statistician Frances Wood OBE (1883–1919), recognising contributions to economic or social statistics

Chambers Medal

Awarded to a fellow who has not held or been elected to the office of President, for outstanding services to the Society

West Medal

Awarded for outstanding contributions to the development or communication of official statistics

Mardia Prize

Created to bring together statisticians with other scientists through workshops in emerging interdisciplinary areas

David G Kendall Award

Jointly awarded by the RSS and Bernoulli Society this award is named in honour of David G Kendall, the first president of the Bernoulli Society and the 1981 RSS Guy Medallist in Gold.