Change in publisher in 2023

Change in publisher of the RSS Journals - FAQs 

From 1 January 2023, the RSS Journals (Series A, Series B, Series C) and Significance magazine will be produced by a new publisher. Below, we seek to answer what we think will be the most pressing questions from RSS members and other readers of our portfolio - as well as contact details for anyone who has further questions. 

Why is the RSS changing publishers? 
The landscape of academic publishing is changing rapidly, and the move to open access is presenting challenges to learned Societies all over the world. The RSS has published its journals with Wiley (and formerly Blackwell) for over 30 years; but on reaching the end of our current contract, we wanted to explore what other publishers could offer in order to secure the best future for JRSSA, JRSSB,  JRSSC and Significance. In Oxford University Press (OUP), we saw a publisher with a clear strategy for providing sustainability and growth for our publications while maintaining their high quality and reputation. 

Why did the RSS select OUP to publish its journals? 
By selecting OUP as the chosen publisher for  JRSSA, JRSSB,  JRSSC and Significance, we are confident that we have a partner that understands the core mission of the Society and shares our ambitions for the RSS portfolio – including the possibility of developing and launching additional journals. We also believe that they will offer us a consistently excellent quality of service.  

OUP is a highly respected academic publisher with a global reach, publishing over 450 journals, two-thirds of which are in partnership with learned and professional societies. It currently publishes journals for the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, the Royal Economic Society and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. More than 100 of its titles are open access and it launched 11 new OA titles from June 2021 to early 2022. 

Will the change in publisher affect the Journals?  
Due to the external changes to the publishing landscape, we see change as inevitable, regardless of a change in publisher. However, an important review of the journal is planned for 2022-23 and is one OUP has indicated it will help facilitate. The review will be informed by recommendations, some available at the start of 2022, from various working parties exploring the merits of an online open access journal for data science, and policy formulation covering the collection, access to and sharing of data and highlighting privacy and ethical issues. The results of a member survey that sought views of the journal in mid-2021 will also feed into this review and improvements implemented wherever possible. 

Will the change in publisher affect the financial stability of the RSS? 
The Journals currently provide the Society with around a third of its income and is used to cross-subsidise our wide range of activities. Financial offers from Wiley and OUP during negotiations were very similar and both lower than we have enjoyed for many years, due to the more difficult economic climate for publishers in general. However, the contract we have negotiated with OUP will secure journal income for the next five years, during which time we will continue with our strategy to increase the Society’s income from growth in membership and other activities including our highly successful training programme.  

Will the cost of my RSS membership remain the same, and will I retain my journal benefits? 
There will be no change in the cost of membership. Plans remain the same to offer members access to a journal of their choice and to Significance magazine as part of their subscription.  

I am not a member of the RSS - will this affect my subscription to Significance?
Members of other societies who access or receive Significance either as part of their society membership or on a subscription basis will be similarly unaffected by the change in publisher.

Will there be any interruption to services during the transition? 
We do not anticipate any interruption to our services to members and subscribers of the Journals and very much expect it to be ‘business as usual’ during 2022 while the ground work is being done for a smooth transition from 1 January 2023.  

Who can I contact for further information? 
If you have any queries that haven’t been answered here, please contact us at or for any queries concerning Significance.