RSS 18404

The only route for certification against IS0 18404:2015

ISO 18404:2015 is the international standard for quantitative methods in process improvement and competencies for key personnel and their organisations in relation to Six Sigma and Lean implementation.

As both systems have been in use for some years, a global view on the competence requirements for people delivering Six Sigma projects and Lean improvement, and the requirements for organisations managing them, was overdue. ISO 18404, launched in 2015, is that international standard. 

Now, organisations can be certified against ISO 18404 through the Sector Scheme, called RSS 18404. The RSS 18404 Sector Scheme is a way for organisations and individuals can be certified against ISO 18404 worldwide. RSS 18404 provides a level of assurance on the skills of certified Six Sigma and Lean professionals and on best practices at an organisational level not previously available. Download a copy of the Sector Scheme RSS 18404.

The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is the owner of the Sector Scheme, as both Six Sigma and Lean use statistical and data tools, and statistics underpin these process improvement methodologies. The RSS is responsible for the Sector Scheme’s overall operation, including

  • The qualification and monitoring of participating Certification Bodies (who carry out the audits and certify organisations)
  • Maintaining a register of those approved Certification Bodies
  • Training and certifying Certification Bodies’ Lead Auditors
  • Running assessment centres for individuals wishing to be RSS 18404 certified at any level (Green Belt to Master Black Belt or Lean Practitioner to Lean Expert)
  • Running training courses to prepare individuals for assessment centres
  • Maintaining a register of all assessed competent personnel (whether assessed by us or by the certified organisations) and certified organisations
  • Maintaining a list of approved training courses for individuals interested in certification.

Now, organisations can now gain certification to ISO 18404.  Contact your Certification Body or read RSS 18404 for companies below.

If you’re a Lean/Six Sigma practitioner, or you want to start gaining those skills, you can also now gain certification as an individual. Take a look at our training courses or read RSS 18404 for individuals below. 

For Certification Bodies who wish to participate in RSS 18404, please get in contact us or read RSS 18404 for Certification Bodies.

A recent paper written by RSS fellows with others gives a flavour of the standard and includes experience statements of practitioners from many different sectors. The paper can be accessed here.

  • RSS 18404 for Certification Bodies

    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is currently running a pilot of RSS 18404, meaning that a small number of qualifying Certification Bodies are working with organisations to certify them as RSS 18404 compliant. This pilot stage is due to be completed soon. At that point, the RSS will open the Sector Scheme and will encourage Certification Bodies to apply to qualify for future participation.

    If you would like to be notified when Certification Bodies can apply, please contact training.

  • RSS 18404 for companies

    It is now possible for organisations to gain certification for their process improvement and management systems through RSS 18404. The scheme provides certified organisations with a level of assurance and integrity not found elsewhere.

    The benefits to organisations of following ISO 18404 are improved processes leading to reduced waste and increased customer value. For organisations then gaining RSS 18404 certification, the benefits include:

    • Increased confidence from customers
    • A public commitment to maintaining competence and best practice at an organisational level
    • An enhanced employment brand, facilitating the recruitment of candidates looking to work for organisations who support professional development

    To find out more about how your organisation can become RSS 18404 certified, contact your Certification Body. We are also running courses designed to help you prepare your organisation for certification. For a list of RSS approved Certification Bodies, contact training.

  • RSS 18404 for individuals

    If you are involved in delivering Six Sigma projects and/or Lean improvement, or you wish to develop your skills in these areas, you can now gain RSS 18404 certification. Certification by the RSS should be your ultimate goal as it demonstrates that you have attained the level of skills and competencies outlined in the ISO 18404 standard.

    As an individual, you can gain certification in two ways: working as a green belt/lean practitioner in an RSS 18404 certified organisation and having been assessed by your employer; or by attending and passing an RSS assessment centre. If you are taking your first steps in this area, you should attend training courses to develop your skills first.

    Once you’ve successfully achieved RSS 18404 certification, you will automatically be eligible to join the RSS register, giving you your own unique certification number.

    Benefits of RSS 18404 certification include:

    • A recognised and official certification based on rigorous testing and assessment of competence against ISO 18404
    • Inclusion of RSS 18404 certification on your CVs will give you a competitive edge in the labour market
    • Ability to check the RSS register for organisations who are certified, giving you confidence they have Lean/Six Sigma methods which will enable you to use your skills

    For more information on the next assessment centres, visit our training page or contact training. For information on training courses, please see our approved training courses below.

Approved training courses 

BywaterBywater offers RSS Six Sigma training courses at venues across the UK and online within their Virtual Classroom. The courses, designed by Master Black Belts, are designed to equip delegates with the skills to confidently engage in Six Sigma improvement projects.  Delegates will learn how to utilise the DMAIC methodology to improve processes, analyse data to reduce variation and apply lean tools to improve efficiency. To view full course details and upcoming course dates please view Bywater’s Six Sigma training courses.
Courses approved by RSS: 
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training Course
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course
RSS 18404 Six Sigma Green Belt Development Programme
Six Sigma Black Belt Training Course
ISO 18404 Six Sigma Black Belt Development Programme

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