Campaigns Advisory Group

CAG members

Christl Donnelly (chair) (VP for External Affairs)
Paul Allin (Honorary Officer for National Statistics)
Timothy Cannings (Academic Affairs Representative)
Emily Granger (Council Representative)
Robin Mitra (Council Representative)
Sophie Carr (VP for Education and Statistical Literacy)
Tricia Dodd (Honorary Officer for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)
Donald Simeon (Council Representative)
Janet Bastiman
David Stephenson

The Campaigns Advisory Group (CAG) is a volunteer-led group that identifies and prioritises campaigning activities across the organisation. The purpose of the group is to increase the influence of the Society in public policy and debate while ensuring a balance between reactive and proactive work.   

It is chaired by the RSS vice president for external affairs. Holders of vice president and honorary officer roles that have a campaigns or policy aspect are members. Council also appoints three to five members as representatives. Ordinary members are appointed by the invitation of the chair, ideally taking into account diversity and experience of potential members, to ensure there is a breadth of expertise and backgrounds. 

The group’s activities include: 

  • Acting as the body which coordinates RSS campaigns and policy work
  • Prioritising campaigns so that work focuses on the areas that are likely to have the most impact
  • Raising awareness of RSS campaigns and policy work with sections, local groups, special interest groups and members
  • Acting as liaison for RSS members and groups who are interested in campaign and policy work – for example, by acting as the body responsible for deciding which campaign or policy ideas are taken forward
  • Supporting the VP for external affairs to take forward campaigns – especially those that fall outside the remit of other advisory groups
  • Supporting and advise the President, VP for external affairs and Chief Executive on the RSS’s campaign and policy work.

For more details about CAG please email