Guy Medals

Guy Medals are named after William Augustus Guy, the British medical statistician. The Bronze and Silver medals are awarded annually and the Gold medal is awarded every two years.

We are now seeking nominations for the 2023 Guy Medal in Silver and Guy Medal in Bronze.

Guy Medal in Gold

The Guy Medal in Gold is a ‘lifetime achievement’ award given to a fellow of the Society judged to have merited distinction by innovative contributions to the theory or application of statistics.

Nancy Reid

2022 recipient: Nancy Reid

For pioneering work on higher-order approximate inference which provides a foundational basis for optimal information extraction from data, and has wide-ranging impact on the practice of data analysis. 

Guy Medal in Silver

The Guy Medal in Silver is awarded to a fellow of the Society in respect of a paper or papers of special merit communicated to the Society at its discussion meetings. Other contributions to statistics may also be considered.

Paul Fearnhead

2022 recipient: Paul Fearnhead

Awarded for numerous outstanding contributions to statistics, particularly in Bayesian computational statistics, changepoint methods, population genetics and inference for continuous-time stochastic processes.

Guy Medal in Bronze

The Guy Medal in Bronze is awarded to a fellow of the Society in respect of excellent work presented to any conference or meeting run by the Society or published in any of the Society’s journals. 

Rajen Shah

2022 recipient: Rajen Shah

Awarded for pioneering research on large-scale statistical learning, including important contributions to goodness-of-fit testing, interaction search and conditional independence testing.

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