Policy groups

Our campaigns and policy work is led by our members: we have a number of expert groups who help us to take forward work in key areas. Members of these groups help by, eg, identifying important issues to campaign on, advising the relevant honorary officer or vice-president and helping to write policy reports and submissions.

In most cases members are appointed to these groups by the chair. You can express your interest in joining this sort of group – or otherwise contributing to our policy work – by signing up and indicating your experience and interest. This will add you to our policy contact mailing list, which we update on a monthly basis.

The RSS has three types of policy group:

  • Advisory groups are appointed to advise the relevant honorary officer or vice-president on their remit.
  • Task Forces are groups intended to lead our work on time-limited campaigns that are often wide in scope.
  • Working groups are commissioned to produce a particular piece of work, such as a particularly substantial policy report.

You can find out more about our current campaign and policy groups below.