Statistics Under Pressure Steering Group

Steering group

John Aston (Chair)
Paul Allin
Christl Donnelly
Clare Griffiths
Sarah Walker

Statistics Under Pressure: informing decision-making at pace was launched in 2023, driven by experiences during the pandemic. The need for data to inform decision-making in this fast-paced and high-pressure environment highlighted the challenges in knowing when data is good enough to inform decisions, and which trade-offs can appropriately be made - especially in cases where the data is not perfect and decisions might otherwise be made in the absence of data.


The Statistics Under Pressure Steering Group provides direction and oversight to this project, helping to prioritise which streams of work to pursue. The steering group is formed of volunteers, and includes the RSS Vice President for External Affairs and Chair of the Campaigns Advisory Group, and the RSS Honorary Officer for National Statistics and Chair of the National Statistics Advisory Group. Both policy advisory groups have an interest in this project, and the chairs provide a link to these groups and facilitate exchange of information and ideas. 

The project aims to support statisticians to provide the best possible statistics under pressure, including consideration of when and how to make suitable trade-offs. It aims to raise awareness around the need for trade-offs in real-world circumstances, along with the merits of such an approach. It also aims to support decision-makers and the public to interpret and use data that is associated with limitations or uncertainties, and to work towards an environment where decision-making is best informed by evidence, and data that is good enough to inform decisions is used. 

For more information, please see the Statistics Under Pressure webpage or contact