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Report: A world full of data Statistics opportunities across A-level subjects Education A-level/Post-16 30.09.2021 1.74 mb
RSS welcomes the publication of OSR's review of the use of models for awarding grades in the UK in 2020 Education Qualifications 02.03.2021 0.12 mb
Statement regarding the grade awarding process in 2021 Education Qualifications 26.02.2021 0.13 mb
Statement on grade adjustment in UK exams Education Qualifications 06.08.2020 0.10 mb
Response to the Education Select Committee call on exam grades Education Qualifications 08.06.2020 0.09 mb

Response to the Education Select Committee call for evidence: The Impact of Covid-19 on education and children's services inquiry

Letter to Ofqual re the statistical issues relating to exam grading and assessment in 2020 Education Qualifications 09.04.2020 0.13 mb
Letter from Sharon Witherspoon to Cath Jadhav re: Assessment in A level Mathematics: Statistics and the Large Data Set Education A-level/Post-16 17.09.2018 0.16 mb
Letter from Damian Hinds new education secretary Education 26.02.2018 1.13 mb
Response to UK Government consultation on the implementation of T-level programmes Education Qualifications 01.02.2018 0.14 mb
Letter from Hetan Shah to Damian Hinds MP re: Education policy proposals from the Royal Statistical Society Education 15.01.2018 0.16 mb
Letter from Anne Milton MP to Neil Sheldon re: Post-16 maths education Education A-level/Post-16 22.12.2017 1.06 mb
Letter from Neil Sheldon to Justine Greening MP re: Post 16 mathematics education Education A-level/Post-16 27.11.2017 0.53 mb
Response to to House of Lords Select Committee inquiry on the implications of Artificial Intelligence Education Data skills 30.09.2017 0.25 mb
Letter from Nick Gibb to Hetan Shah re: Adrian Smith's review of post-16 mathematics Education A-level/Post-16 05.09.2017 0.87 mb
Letter from Hetan Shah to Nick Gibb MP re: Adrian Smith's review of post-16 mathematics Education A-level/Post-16 25.07.2017 1.20 mb
Response to BEIS’ ‘Building our Industrial Strategy Green Paper’ Education Data skills 11.04.2017 0.47 mb
Response to British Academy call for evidence on Skills in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Education Data skills 31.03.2017 0.34 mb
Response Scottish STEM education and training strategy appendix Table1 Education Data skills 31.01.2017 0.02 mb
Response to Scottish Government consultation on strategy for education and training in STEM Education 31.01.2017 0.56 mb

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education and training seeks not only to develop expertise and capability in each individual field but also to develop the ability to work across disciplines and generate new knowledge, ideas and products through inter-disciplinary learning.

Letter from Nick Gibb to Peter Diggle re: AQA's decision to withdraw from offering A level statistics Education A-level/Post-16 16.11.2016 0.39 mb
Report: Data analytics the skills need in STEM Education Data skills 16.11.2016 0.67 mb
Response to AQA’s decision not to redevelop AS and A-level in Statistics Education A-level/Post-16 31.10.2016 0.26 mb
Letter from Peter Diggle to Justine Greening MP re: Availability of A level Statistics in England Education A-level/Post-16 21.10.2016 0.89 mb
Response to consultation by the Education and Training Foundation on version 1.0 of Functional Skills maths subject content Education Data skills 07.09.2016 0.19 mb
Response to the independent review of post-16 mathematics led by Professor Sir Adrian Smith Education A-level/Post-16 01.07.2016 0.40 mb
Response to Ofqual consultation1 on setting the grade standards of new GCSEs in England Education GCSE/Secondary school 17.06.2016 0.26 mb
Response to Ofqual consultation1 on requirements on setting GCSE, AS and A level grade boundaries Education Qualifications 08.06.2016 0.14 mb
Response to Ofqual consultation on GCSE Statistics: Conditions and guidance Education GCSE/Secondary school 04.03.2016 0.19 mb
Response to Ofqual on Regulating Use of Calculators in new GCSEs, AS and A Levels: consultation on Conditions Education Qualifications 11.01.2016 0.10 mb
Response to Department for Education on new GCSE and A level statistics Education Qualifications 05.11.2015 0.26 mb