The Mardia Prize

The Mardia Prize was founded by RSS fellow Kanti Mardia to encourage cutting-edge interdisciplinary work by bringing together statistics with other science communities through workshops in emerging interdisciplinary areas. The annual prize of £3,000-4,000 is made available to support workshops that bring statisticians together with other scientific communities and to maintain a sustained focus.

The next round of the Mardia Prize will open in spring 2024. 

2024 recipient: Dr Emanuele Giorgi

The winning proposal came from Dr Emanuele Giorgi from Lancaster University. Emanuele plans to hold a series of workshops focused on the application of geostatistical methods to inform policy decisions on the control and elimination neglected tropical diseases (NTDs).


2022 recipient: Jane Hutton
The winning proposal came from Professor Jane Hutton, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick. Professor Jane Hutton plans to hold a series of interdisciplinary workshops on Statistics and the Law.
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