The Mardia Prize

The Mardia Prize was founded by RSS fellow Kanti Mardia to encourage cutting-edge interdisciplinary work by bringing together statistics with other science communities through workshops in emerging interdisciplinary areas. Funding of £3,000-4,000 per year is made available to support workshops that bring statisticians together with other scientific communities and to maintain a sustained focus.

We've just opened applications for the 2022 Mardia Prize - read about how to apply.

2020 recipient: Olaniyi Mathew Olayiwola
The winning proposal came from Dr Olaniyi Mathew Olayiwola of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. Dr Olayiwola plans to hold a research collaboration and networking workshop on ‘The impacts of Covid-19 on economies, food systems and poverty’ in Nigeria. 
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2019 recipient: Christoph Kronenberg
The winning proposal in 2019 came from Dr Christoph Kronenberg. Christoph planned to hold two workshops bringing together researchers interested in the empirical analysis of mental health economics, particularly early-career academics. 
2018 recipient: Kristin Strokorb, Marie Ekström, and Professor Owen Jones
The winning proposal in 2018 came from three researchers at the Water Research Institute at Cardiff University; the team proposed to hold two ‘Workshops on Extremal Trends in Weather (WET Weather)’. 
2016 recipient: Fiona Underwood
Dr Underwood was awarded the inaugural Mardia Prize in 2016 to part-fund a series of workshops designed to link statisticians with those working on the sustainable management of natural resources for poverty alleviation.