Bradford Hill Medal

The Bradford Hill Medal was established in memory of the distinguished epidemiologist and statistician Sir Austin Bradford Hill FRS (1897–1991) and is awarded to a Fellow for outstanding or influential contributions to the development, application or exposition of medical statistics.

2021 recipient: Bianca de Stavola
Awarded for her innovative development of methods for analysing longitudinal epidemiological datasets and for her work in applying causal analysis in medical statistics. In both of these fields she has been prominent in teaching and encouraging others in their use and in particular, her work in causal analysis has served as a bridge between modelling.
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2018 recipient: Nicky Best

Nicky Best was awarded the Bradford Hill Medal in 2018 for her exquisite expositions of Bayesian methods through BUGS software, workshops, lectures, prior elicitations, textbooks and peer-review publications; and for substantive applications ranging from clinical trials and cost-effectiveness to epidemiology and, most recently, the optimization of pharmaceutical research programmes.