Accreditation scheme

Information for students

The RSS accredits honours and masters degrees in statistics and related disciplines, awarding the status of RSS Accredited University.

Alternatively, the RSS also accredits individual modules/training courses that teach good statistical literacy, awarding these modules/courses with the RSS Quality Mark.

RSS accreditation provides reassurance that the teaching, learning and assessment within the programme is of high quality and meets the needs of students and employers.

The subject standards that underpin our accreditation process are built on the foundations of the relevant QAA Benchmark Statements and detail the skills and knowledge that we believe graduates need to embark on a career as a statistician.

RSS Accredited Universities
If you began your studies in 2018/19 and beyond, see if your course is on the up-to-date list of accredited courses.

RSS Quality Marked Course/Modules
Here is our list of Quality Marked courses and programmes. Please note that this is still a relatively new scheme and courses are being reviewed and added to this list all the time. If you have undertaken a course you think meets our guidelines, do consider applying for one of our professional certifications.

Information for universities and other tuition providers

Our accreditation process provides a valuable endorsement for institutions offering programmes in statistics and related disciplines at honours degree and masters level.

By awarding accreditation, we hope to ensure that teaching, learning and assessment within a programme/course/module is of high quality and meets the needs of students and employers. As well as recognising excellence, we also seek to improve standards of learning and teaching through effective partnerships with institutions and sharing good practice.

Our accreditation scheme also provides students with a competitive edge in a challenging job market.

How to apply and RSS Standards

Full details about our accreditation scheme and information on how to make an application can be found in the Accreditation guide.

We welcome applications at any point in the year. The accreditation process should take less than four months to complete.