Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellowships are awarded to individuals of great eminence working in fields related to statistics who are not necessarily or primarily members of the statistical profession. They are regarded as the equivalent of a Guy Medal in Gold for non-statisticians.

We are now seeking nominations for 2023 Honorary Fellowships.

2020 recipient: Judea Pearl   
Professor Pearl was elected as an honorary fellow in 2020 for his foundational contributions to causal and counterfactual inference based on structural models. In particular, his development of a calculus for causal reasoning has had a profound impact on statistics and artificial intelligence.
2017 recipient: Sir John Curtice
Professor Curtice was awarded an honorary fellowship in 2017 for his pioneering work on understanding voting behaviour and political and social attitudes, in particular as a leading commentator on British politics and his major contributions to the British Social Attitudes survey and British Election study.
2017 recipient: Tim Harford
Honorary fellowship was awarded to Tim Harford, an economist, journalist and broadcaster in 2017, whose major impact on society has concerned presenting and explaining complex statistical and economic issues to the public in an accessible way and holding the media to account in its reporting on statistics and economics.