Greenfield Industrial Medal

The Greenfield Industrial Medal was established in 1991 by Professor Tony Greenfield (1931-2019), author and research consultant in business and industrial statistics. It is awarded every three years for outstanding contributions to the effective application of statistical methods to the manufacturing and allied industries.

2024 recipient: Shirley Coleman

Shirley has played a fundamental role in delivering impactful statistical solutions to a range of industrial sectors, including to the National Grid and for SMEs across the marine, utilities, automotive, social housing and service sectors.

2021 recipient: Philip Jonathan
Professor Philip Jonathan is Chief Statistician at Shell and chair of Environmental Statistics and Data Science at Lancaster University. His work has made fundamental and important innovations in the modelling of physical systems and application of statistics to industrial processes such as the use of extreme value theory in ocean engineering.
The Greenfield Industrial Medal will be awarded in 2025*.

*Nominations are not sought in the two years after an award has been made, but subsequently are solicited every year until a candidate of suitable merit is nominated.