Research Prize

The Research Prize is awarded annually to a fellow of the Society near the beginning of their research career for an outstanding published contribution to statistical theory or application. The winner is awarded £2,000 by the Society.

Nominations for 2021 have now closed and we’ll be announcing the recipients early next year.

2020 recipient: Thomas B Berrett
Thomas B Berrett was awarded the Research Prize in 2020 for outstanding contributions to understanding and developing nearest neighbour methods for classification, entropy and related functional estimation, and for highly original work on independence and conditional independence testing.  

2019 recipient: Tengyao Wang
Dr Wang was awarded the Research Prize in 2019 for his outstanding and diverse contributions to statistical methodology and theory. Amongst other research, he has given new understanding about computational and statistical trade-offs; developed theory for multi-dimensional shape constrained estimators; and introduced a new paradigm and method for detecting changes in high-dimensional data streams.
2018 recipient: Emanuele Giorgi
Dr Giorgi was awarded the Research Prize in 2018 for his outstanding published contribution at the interface of statistics and epidemiology, spanning the development of spatial statistical methods, their application to a range of substantive problems in global population health research and their implementation in open-source software.