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Article for The Times: Pregnant women need to be at front of vaccine queue Covid-19 Pandemic management 25.05.2021 0.08 mb

By RSS President, Sylvia Richardson

Briefing note on Covid-19 statistical issues for lower and middle income countries Covid-19 Pandemic management 01.06.2020 0.13 mb

From the RSS International Development Section

How ideas from decision theory can help guide our actions Covid-19 Management of the pandemic 06.08.2021 0.13 mb

Professors Sylvia Richardson and Sir David Spiegelhalter, who co-chair the RSS Covid-19 Task Force, wrote a piece on how we might learn from decision theory when deciding next steps in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Letter from Sylvia Richardson to Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP re: New system for international travel Covid-19 Pandemic management 13.10.2021 0.15 mb
Letter from Sylvia Richardson to William Wragg MP re: Data transparency and accountability: Covid 19 Covid-19 Pandemic management 08.12.2020 0.19 mb
Letter on possible criteria for antibody sensitivity and specificity assurance Covid-19 Testing 13.04.2020 0.59 mb

From David Spiegelhalter to the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority on behalf of the RSS Task Force

Letter to MHRA on Covid-19 testing in schools Covid-19 Testing 12.03.2021 0.19 mb

From Sylvia Richardson, Deborah Ashby and Jon Deeks

Letter to OfQual regarding the statistical issues relating to exam grading in 2020 Covid-19 Schools 09.04.2020 0.13 mb

From Sharon Witherspoon, RSS vice president for education and statistical literacy.

Letter to the Guardian regarding lateral flow tests Covid-19 Testing 26.04.2021 0.10 mb

Letter from Sylvia Richardson and Jon Deeks to the Guardian on the need for more evidence on lateral flow tests.

Letter to the Office for Statistics Regulation regarding exams grading process review Covid-19 Schools 14.08.2020 0.14 mb

Making the case for a review of the models and processes adopted by the UK qualifications regulators.

Letter to the Times on the government's schools coronavirus testing strategy Covid-19 Testing 06.01.2021 0.11 mb

Letter from Stian Westlake to The Times on why the government needs to re-evaluate its schools coronavirus testing strategy.

Report from the Working Group on Diagnostic Tests Covid-19 Testing 09.06.2021 22.19 mb

A 95-page report with recommendations around study design, regulation and transparency matters with regard to in vitro diagnostic tests.

Response to DHSC policy paper on transformation of the public health system Covid-19 Pandemic management 05.04.2021 0.18 mb
Response to Goldacre review Covid-19 Pandemic management 21.03.2021 0.24 mb
Response to Impact of Covid-19 on education and children's services inquiry Covid-19 Schools 08.06.2020 0.09 mb

RSS Response to the Education Select Committee call for evidence: The Impact of Covid-19 on education and children's services inquiry

Response to OSR review of models for exam grading Covid-19 Schools 02.03.2021 0.12 mb

RSS welcomes the publication of OSR's review of the use of models for awarding grades in the UK in 2020 (2 March)

Response to Public Accounts Committee inquiry ‘initial lessons from the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic Covid-19 Pandemic management 20.07.2021 0.22 mb
Response to select committee inquiry: ‘Coronavirus: Lessons Learnt' Covid-19 Management of the pandemic 04.12.2020 0.23 mb

to the joint Health and Social Care Committee and Science and Technology Committee Inquiry: ‘Coronavirus: Lessons Learnt'

Response to the Justice Select Committee inquiry 'The Coroner Service' Covid-19 Management of the pandemic 18.09.2020 0.22 mb

We focus on Question 4, 'How the Coroners Service has dealt with Covid-19', since it links most closely to the Society’s work on official statistics and our longstanding concerns around death registration.

Response: PACAC inquiry on Data Transparency and Accountability: Covid 19 Covid-19 Pandemic management 17.11.2020 0.21 mb

Written evidence from the Royal Statistical Society (DTA 42) for the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry on Data Transparency and Accountability: Covid 19.

RSS response to DHSC’s policy paper: transforming the public health system Covid-19 Pandemic management 29.04.2021 0.18 mb
RSS statement on 2021 A level results Covid-19 Schools 10.08.2021 0.13 mb

After the 2021 A level exam results were announced, the RSS made a statement outlining priorities for next steps. Read the news story here.

RSS statement on the relaxation of Covid lockdown rules in England Covid-19 Pandemic management 17.05.2021 0.07 mb
Statement on how best to track the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out Covid-19 Pandemic management 18.12.2020 0.05 mb
Statement on how efficient statistical method can glean intelligence from Test, Trace and Isolate Covid-19 Testing 23.07.2020 0.14 mb

With accompanying technical appendix.

Statement on proposed Covid-19 schools testing programme Covid-19 Testing 18.12.2020 0.12 mb

Written by Jon Deeks on behalf of the Working Group on Diagnostic Tests.

Statement on the need for transparency about secondary school Covid-19 testing Covid-19 Testing 05.03.2021 0.38 mb

Statement on the need for transparency about secondary pupils’ uptake of Lateral Flow Testing, PCR-corroboration, cycle-threshold-values (proxy for viral load) & genomic analyses

Statement on the reporting of results from home swab test kits Covid-19 Testing 04.05.2020 0.27 mb
Statement regarding MHRA criteria for point-of-care antibody test Covid-19 Testing 14.04.2020 0.12 mb

Responding to the criteria that the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) expects to be met by an acceptable point-of-care antibody test for coronavirus

Statement regarding the grade awarding process in 2021 Covid-19 Schools 26.02.2021 0.13 mb