Academic Affairs Advisory Group

AAAG members

Richard Samworth  (chair)
Tim Cannings
Nema Dean
Rebecca Killick
Theodore Kypraios
Hannah Mitchell
Chris Oates
Elinor Jones
Anthony Lee

The group has no vacancies to fill in 2024.

The Academic Affairs Advisory Group (AAAG) is a volunteer-led group with an interest in policy surrounding statistics and academia. The purpose of the group is to provide formal recognition within the RSS of statisticians working within UK universities and to give guidance and support for the Society’s activities relating to this community.

It is chaired by the RSS vice-president for academic affairs. Membership is at the invitation of the chair, ideally taking into account diversity and experience of potential members, to ensure there is a breadth of expertise and backgrounds.

The group’s activities include:

  • Reviewing and monitoring the strength of statistics as an academic discipline in UK universities
  • Supporting the work of the Society and of individual fellows in liaising with Research Councils and with other learned societies
  • Contributing to responses to consultations and policy initiatives that may have an impact on academic statisticians
  • As required, advising Council on the Society’s arrangements to support academic statisticians.

For more details about AAAG please email