Our work on the Covid-19 pandemic

Statistics have played an important role both in our understanding of the coronavirus pandemic, and our attempts to fight it.

Throughout the pandemic, we have sought to highlight ways in which statistics, data and evidence could be better used and communicated to improve the government’s response to the pandemic.

Over the first year, we identified ten key lessons that we would like the government to learn and a series of recommendations for what they should do now, to ensure that the country's data infrastructure is prepared for the next crisis – whatever form it takes.

Covid evidence sessions
In 2022 the RSS convened four meetings to establish what statistical issues should be addressed in the two public inquiries being set up to examine the UK governments’ responses to the pandemic.

Watch the Covid evidence sessions.

Covid 'Lessons learned' memo
Read our Ten statistical lessons memo (PDF) or a summary of our recommendations.

Our Covid-19 Task Force
Our work in this area is led by the Covid-19 Task Force, headed up by our President Sylvia Richardson and past president David Spiegelhalter. Read more about who is in the task force and the group's remit.

Our media work

Influencing Covid-19 policy
Our task force has responded to policy consultations and released statements and letters to influence officials and politicians.

Read about other recent work the Society has done on Covid-19.

Statistics Are Vital

Our 'Statistics Are Vital' campaign
We highlighted the crucial contributions statisticians have made during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 FAQs

Covid-19 FAQs
Our Covid-19 frequently asked questions seek to clarify the key statistical concepts that have entered the public debate during the pandemic.