Data Science Professional

This is a new certificate for recent graduates with at least two years of full-time work experience within data science, providing formal recognition of qualifications, professional training and experience. This certificate is the culmination of our work with the Alliance for Data Science Professionals of which we are a founding member, creating a competency framework and pathway for all of those working within data science.

It is awarded to those who can demonstrate they meet the skills, knowledge and behaviour detailed in the standards set by the Alliance

Being DSP certified is a powerful endorsement not only of your professional expertise but also of your support of an ethical and well-governed industry, ensuring everyone can have confidence in how their data is used. 

A DSP certificate is a mark of quality and distinction: certification enhances your CV; reflects well on the organisation you work for; and facilitates recruiting like-minded professionals.

All certified individuals will be included on a register of certified data science professionals, hosted by each of the awarding members of the Alliance for Data Science Professionals.

How to become a DSP holder
You need to have at least two year’s work experience within a role relevant to statistics and data science and have graduated with a level 6 or 7 degree (or equivalent). If you meet these qualifying criteria, the first step is to become a fellow of the RSS if you are not a member already. Find out more about the benefits of membership or join us today.

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Read our Data Science Professional Certification Guidance and Process (PDF)
You can then start your professionalisation journey online by completing an application form which will ask a series of competency-based questions as part of your application. Here are some guidance documents that help explain what you need to know when considering to apply.

The DSP certificate is held in addition to RSS membership (i.e. fellow, Data Analyst, GradStat, CStat).  The certificate carries an additional annual fee of (currently) £10 (or £5/£4 for concessionary grades) that will be added to the usual membership fee at your next renewal. See our Fees page for the full list of membership fees.