The Campion lecture

Also known as the President's Invited lecture, this annual lecture takes at our conference in September.

About Harry Campion
The late Sir Harry Campion was the first director of the Central Statistical Office, the forerunner of the Office for National Statistics. He held the post from 1941 until he retired in 1967. Campion was also the inaugural director of the United Nations Statistical Office. Campion was the Royal Statistical Society’s President from 1957 to 1959 and kindly left the Society a generous legacy to support future statisticians.

The 2022 Campion lecturer will be Adrian Raftery.

Previous Campion lecturers
2021: Bin Yu: Veridical Data Science: the practice of responsible data analysis and decision-making
2020: Kerrie Mengersen: Deriving insights from new data sources
2019: Charlotte Watts: Harnessing the power of data to drive development: A DFID perspective
2018: Sir John Curtice: Viewed through tinted glasses? Public reactions to the Brexit process
2017: Rebecca Goldin: The media’s love-hate relationship with statistics: Challenges in communication
2016: Christl Donnelly: Statistical insights into the West African Ebola outbreak
2015: Scott Zeger: Statistical problems in individualized health
2014: Richard Allan: The challenges of operating at scale 
2013: Sir Mark Walport
2012: Hal Varian: Statistics at Google

Watch previous Campion lectures.