Maths 4 Girls (M4G): Empowering the Innovators of Tomorrow


Maths for Girls

The Royal Statistical Society, in collaboration with universities, industry partners, and educational institutions, proudly promotes Maths 4 Girls (M4G), an initiative with a powerful mission. M4G is dedicated to inspiring and empowering young minds, particularly girls, with the incredible world of mathematics, to shape the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

What M4G Does

M4G partners with universities, industry leaders, and educators to provide young people with life-changing opportunities. These opportunities not only boost their skills and confidence but also offer invaluable insights into the careers and industries they are most likely to pursue upon completing their education. 

The approach of M4G is straightforward yet effective. They offer high-quality information, skills sessions, and career workshops, conducted both in traditional classrooms and virtual Zoom rooms. These sessions bring together students and professionals who actively employ mathematics in their current roles across various industries. 

The Significance

The Royal Statistical Society recognises the vital role M4G plays in ensuring the United Kingdom remains at the forefront of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) based industries. By nurturing and fostering the talents of young girls, M4G ensures they become the innovators and pioneers of the future. 

A Collaborative Endeavour

In the pursuit of promoting student employability, the Royal Statistical Society partners with Founders4Schools and M4G. Together, they facilitate meaningful student-employer encounters by enabling teachers to place business leaders in their classrooms. These leaders engage with students, sharing valuable insights about the jobs they may hold or even create in the future. 

The Royal Statistical Society proudly supports M4G in creating a world where mathematics is not merely a subject in a classroom but a gateway to limitless opportunities. Joined together in this transformative journey, they are shaping a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow. 

How can RSS members get involved?

With statistical and data analysis skills becoming increasingly important in the workforce, RSS members are well poised to offer highly valuable assistance in this project.

As an individual or company, you can join the Founders4Schools mailing list for information on speaking at F4S events or to indicate that you’re open to young people applying for work experience at your company.

As an educator, you can help by creating your own online or in-person event, using M4G’s online directory to invite other inspiring speakers.