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Supporting database, questionnaire and routine analyses set-up for Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Service

Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Service requires a volunteer statistician to help with the choice of a suitable database and the associated analysis routines, plus tuition for “client” on how to update and expand database to include a new section of baseline questionnaire and how to update the analysis routines to include questions from the new section.

The organisation is creating a comprehensive database system that can draw down statistical information at any one time alongside narrative information such as case studies, funding streams, expertise etc.
The initial questionnaire has been designed by the organisation. The volunteer will help with set-up of the database and associated analysis routines and tutorials on how each of these can be targeted to the organisation’s needs. In addition, the organisation holds contact information for a key person in each organisation. Therefore, some coding system is needed to link the organisation to their contact person.

The charity is an independent representative body for the voluntary youth work sector in Wales. It aims to represent, support and give a collective voice to its membership of national and local organisations in their work with over 250,000 young people in Wales. 

Skills and qualification required: Familiarity with database platforms and choice of associated analysis routines. Willingness to tutor on how to adapt the organisation to cope with additional data-fields; and enable multi-users to edit their own organisation’s data.

Location: The work will be completed remotely.
Estimated time commitment: 3 - 5 days. There is some urgency to achieve choice of database, input data & initial analysis.
Please send your cv and cover letter (more than 400 words) to
To apply for this opportunity, you must be a fellow of the RSS.