The Barnett Award

The Barnett Award and named lecture was established in memory of environmental statistician, Professor Vic Barnett. It is awarded annually to encourage and promote the recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of environmental statistics.

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2021 recipient: Jonathan Rougier 
The 2021 Barnett Award is made to Jonathan (Jonty) Rougier for his internationally recognised contributions in the field of environmental statistics, risk and uncertainty quantification. Read the full citation.

2020 recipient: Byron JT Morgan   
Professor Morgan was awarded the Barnett Award in 2020 for his ground-breaking work in statistical ecology. Being the leading authority on age-structured modelling of capture-recapture and ring-recovery data, his joint paper was the first to model how survival probabilities were influenced by weather covariates. Another influential paper on integrating mark-recapture-recovery and census data was foundational to the internationally-embraced sub-field of Integrated Population Modelling within statistical ecology.
2019 recipient: Marian Scott 
Professor Scott was awarded the Barnett Award in 2019 for her outstanding, pioneering research into the application of innovative statistical techniques to environmental issues. Marian’s impactful work delivers statistically sound evidence supporting environmental science, policy, regulation and management in areas ranging from radioactivity, water quality to air pollution. Her interdisciplinary work at the interface between statisticians, environmental scientists and policy makers has had a major influence on a range of environmental agencies and organisations.

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