The Barnett Award

The Barnett Award and named lecture was established in memory of environmental statistician, Professor Vic Barnett. It is awarded annually to encourage and promote the recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of environmental statistics.

The Barnett Award winner delivers the Barnett Lecture at the RSS Annual Conference.

David Borchers2024 recipient: David Borchers​
David had been instrumental in developing new and accessible methodologies in wildlife monitoring and conservation, including mark-recapture distance sampling and unifying many observation models for detecting and counting animals.
Marc Genton2023 recipient: Marc Genton​
The Barnet Award is presented to Marc Genton for his international impact in the area of environmental statistics. He is particularly recognised for his work in spatial and spatio-temporal statistics with applications in environmental problems, with almost 300 publications garnering over 14,600 citations. 

2022 recipient: Ruth King
Ruth King is internationally known for her work in statistical ecology, and in particular, bringing to prominence in this field the use of Bayesian statistics. Read the full citation.

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