Consultants Directory

We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.

Dr Rhian Davies Reproducible Analytical Pipelines, Public Health, Quality Assurance of statistical models, R package development, R Shiny app development and deployment, R training Worldwide


Sabia Akram Psychometrics Educational Assessment Occupational Psychology Assessments SPSS Research Report writing Presenting UK


Chris Naylor Expert systems; Bayesian inferencing using the XMaster expert system shell. Worldwide
Jason West Bayesian analysis. Statistical methods. Epidemiology. Data science. Worldwide
Opeyemi Ogungbola General Statistical Consulting Africa


Thomas Brown Data Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Optimisation Projects, Predictive Analytics, KPI Reporting, Six Sigma, Quality Control & Mapping, Programming, Process Modelling, Method Validation. UK
Evangelos I. Kritsotakis Prognostic factor research, clinical prediction models, quasi-experimental and time series studies for intervention evaluations, population-based cohort studies, complex sample surveys, and systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Worldwide
Hilary Clare Watt There is growing recognition of my considerable statistics teaching expertise. My free online resources have excellent feedback for their capacity to save loads of time when preparing data for analysis using R software. My LinkedIn profile show-cases these skills. The many exceptionally strong public recommendations may be of greatest interest. Worldwide


Kenneth Man Worldwide
Dr Marie Oldfield At Oldfield Consultancy we see people, not numbers. We exist to simplify the complexity around the problems that matter. We work with cutting edge analytical solutions encompassing Legal Expert Witness (DNA, Fraud, Homicide etc), Court compliant reporting, AI, Statistics, Modelling, Training, Data Science and Ethics.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Some Past Clients: Lawyers, Barristers, Scoliosis SOS, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, British Army, CPS, UK MOD, UK Gov, MOJ, NATO, Broadcast Media & multiple Universities. We also provide training on soft skills for analytical/tech teams at ⁣ Worldwide
Prof. Dr. Brijesh Sathian Bio-statistics, Epidemiology, Clinical trials, Statistical Modelling Worldwide
Andrew Kingston Microsimulation, healthy life expectancy, time-to-event analysis, multistate modelling, group-based trajectory modelling, joint models, analysis of repeated meaures, analysis of longitudinal data, analysis of categorical data (cross-sectional and longitudinal), multivariate and multivariable analyses, R, Stata


Graeme Campbell
Nigel Marriott I specialise in the following 5 areas. For more details and case studies please visit my website or my LinkedIn profile as shown on the Contact Details tab. SURVEY DESIGN Sample size calculation, questionnaire design, imputation models, acceptance sampling, decision rules, sample design, market research. DIVERSITY & PAY GAP ANALYTICS Gender Pay Gap Modelling, Ethnicity Representation Gap Analysis, Equal Pay Audits, HR Data Analysis Training, Disability Pay Gaps, Diversity and Inclusion Statistics FORECASTING & RISK MODELS Forecasts, business planning, risk analysis, decision science, trend analysis, projections STATISTICAL TRAINING COURSES Basic Stats Courses, Statistical Thinking, Identifying Trends and Making Forecasts, Multivariate Analysis, Hypothesis Testing EXPERT WITNESS & ADVICE SERVICES Expert advice, statistical expert, stats advice Worldwide
David Boniface I began my career as a Medical Research Council statistician in the 1970’s and have specialised in solving statistical problems arising in medical and behavioural research leading to a large portfolio of publications. My experience as a professional statistician has involved work as lecturer, researcher, and statistician for some 30 years in universities and as an independent statistical consultant. I published a popular statistics text book to support my lecture series. My clients have ranged from official organisations such as the Advertising Standards Authority, through law firms and loss adjusters, and through to private companies such as the Boeing Aircraft Company. I am familiar with all the main statistical techniques and software packages. Europe
Seyed Shahmy Time-series Analysis, Clinical Trials, Epidemiological studies, Public Health Policy Analysis Worldwide
Christopher Rose Randomized trials of public health interventions. Meta-analysis (particularly network meta-analysis of pharmaceutical interventions and multivariate meta-analysis of risk factors). Statistical programming in Stata and Mata. Europe
Richard Saldanha Quantitative finance; AI/machine learning; mathematics/statistics. Worldwide


Rameshwar Srivastava
Piotr Fryzlewicz Statistics and data science consulting services in: statistical modelling and simulation; time series analysis including time series forecasting; predictive analytics including predictive regression modelling; statistical computing in R; statistical learning and machine learning including deep learning; change-point detection; high-dimensional statistical inference and dimension reduction; quantitative finance. Statistics and data science training courses in: general statistics and machine learning, predictive regression modelling, deep learning with R and Keras, time series analysis including forecasting, basic and advanced R, statistics in finance. (Please contact me if you are interested in a course on a topic not listed here.) Worldwide