National Statistics Advisory Group

NSAG members

Paul Allin, Honorary Officer, National Statistics (chair)
Giuliana Battisti
David Caplan
Roma Chappell
Ben Humberstone
Jill Leyland
Alison Macfarlane
Ben Powell
Ken Roy
Anna Powell-Smith
Jia Shao
Paul Smith
Dev Virdee

Official statistics provide the cornerstone of the evidence needed to generate informed debate and drive good decision making. The National Statistics Advisory Group (NSAG) is a group of volunteers with a strong interest in a range of policy issues surrounding the UK's official statistics system. It helps to develop the Society's policy on official statistics on behalf of RSS Council, and in an advisory capacity to the RSS President.

NSAG has, over the years, had a significant impact on the development of official statistics in the UK. It has contributed to the RSS’s work in areas such as inflation measurement, influencing the legislation on data sharing and improving the UK Statistics Authority's 'Code of Practice on Official Statistics'. UKSA described the Society's contribution to the Code as 'excellent and very helpful'. It has also given evidence to parliament on the further development of UK’s statistical system. For more details about NSAG, please email