Bernoulli Society and Royal Statistical Society David G. Kendall Award for Young Researchers

In 2020 the Bernoulli Society (BS) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) established a joint biennial award aimed at young researchers.

The award is in honor of David G. Kendall, who was the first president of the Bernoulli Society, and was awarded the Guy Medal in Silver (1955) and in Gold (1981) of the RSS. 

The award funds come from donations to the Bernoulli Society or to the Royal Statistical Society (that is a registered UK charity able to receive donations through Gift Aid).

The award consists of the prize amount of 2000€ together with an award certificate. The winner shall deliver the Kendall Lecture during the BS or the RSS major conference held next year. The award should be used to cover the expenses of attendance at this conference.

BS and RSS will publicise the award recipients, including a synopsis of their work.

The eligible candidates are young researchers which:

  • have significant achievements and great potential of their research in Mathematical Statistics and/or Probability Theory;
  • obtained their PhD within 8 years prior to the year of competition (up to a year’s credit will be given for each year taken out due to parental circumstances since receiving the PhD);
  • are members of the BS or the RSS.

The rotation scheme. To give both fields their deserved credit, the award alternates, so every 4 years the award is given to a young researcher in Mathematical Statistics and every 4 years to a young researcher in Probability Theory.  In the years that the award is given for Probability Theory, the winner will be invited to present the Kendall Lecture at the Bernoulli conference; in the years the award is given for Mathematical Statistics, the winner will be invited to present the Kendall Lecture at the RSS conference.

The Award Committee. A committee consisting of two members from each society will consider the nominations and agree on the award recipient.  The members and the chair shall be proposed by the presidents of both societies.

The timeline of the nominations process. The nomination process is open from April 1st and closes on June 30th. The award committee considers nominations and agrees a winner before September 30th. The presidents approve the winner by the end of November. The award recipient shall be announced in December.

The management. The BS leads on administrating the award, including the management of the awarding committee and the payment of the award. Any questions related to the award should be sent to:

The present 2023 Edition of the Award is organized for young researchers in MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS. See the call for nominations

About David G. Kendall. This award honours the memory of David George Kendall (1918-2007). As noted in the history of the Bernoulli Society, Kendall played a key rôle in founding the Bernoulli Society in 1975, and was its initial president; his personal account of this time may be found in the first Bernoulli Journal issue. Kendall was also a committed and distinguished member of the Royal Statistical Society, holding the Guy Medal in Silver (1955) and in Gold (1981), and presenting five read papers over the course of his career. He was always eager to encourage younger colleagues, and particularly to urge them to travel and make contacts and friendships across the scientific world. For this reason we are confident that he would have been delighted to see awards in his name, designed to encourage and to enable young probabilists and statisticians to participate actively in the international meetings which are so important in the life of our subject.

See also a biographical account by Geoffrey Grimmett.