Information for organisations

Statisticians for Society was established to link third sector organisations with statisticians at no cost. We would like to invite third sector organisations to approach us and we will match their needs with our volunteer statisticians.
Selection criteria
To be eligible for the initiative, an organisation

  • Must be a third sector organisation
  • Must be based in the UK
  • Must have an annual turnover no more than £500,000

If your organisation is outside the main criteria but wishes to be considered, we would like to hear from you, please contact Amaka Nwagbara to discuss your potential project.
What’s the process?
When an organisation registers an interest, we will contact them to determine whether they meet the criteria for pro bono support. If eligible, we will arrange a phone call with a member of our pro bono scoping committee, who will determine what form of support and approach is needed. The committee member will produce a scoping plan which we will send to the organisation for approval.
After we receive the signed scoping form, we will send a call out to our members, and they will be given up to 14 days to express interest in the opportunity. We will then match the organisation with a volunteer statistician, or team of statisticians, with the expertise for the project. The statistician will be introduced to the organisation and asked to organise further meetings to discuss the project plan. Following the meeting, the volunteer statistician will write a detailed project plan, including an agreed timeline, which will be signed by both parties.
Once the project is complete, we will have an independent statistician review the work that was done. The organisation and volunteer statistician will be contacted by the Society to discuss sharing their experience and providing feedback.

Apply for pro bono support

If your organisation would benefit from the skills of a statistician, please register for pro bono support by completing an enquiry form.