Professional Affairs Committee

The Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) is responsible for all professional aspects of the Society's work. These include conferral of professional status, accreditation of university courses, continuing professional development and any other matters concerned with professional training.

PAC also oversees any changes made to the Society’s Code of Conduct for RSS fellows.

The Committee consists of a chair and eight elected members, all of whom must be holders of CStat status. An election is held each year; all professionally qualified members of the Society may participate. In addition, a member of Society's Council, appointed by the Council, attends as a non-voting observer.

Committee members
Rachel Hilliam (Chair)
Claire Bhogal
Tim Davis
Philip Dixon
Clare Morris
Jothram Gaudoin
Daniel Baker
Aura Popa
Cal Ghee
Brendan Murphy (Council observer)

For detailed information on the work of the Professional Affairs Committee please have a look at the Professional Development section.

For any queries relating to the work of the committee please email