Code of Conduct

The Society’s Code of Conduct (PDF) was put in place in 1993 and was revised in 2014. It defines the actions and behavior expected of RSS fellows practising in their everyday professional life and has been drawn up to reflect the standards of conduct and work expected of all practising statisticians.

All fellows have an obligation to the public, to their employers and clients, and to the profession and the Society. In particular, they must:

  • Act in the public interest
  • Fulfil their obligations to employers and clients
  • Fulfil their obligations to the profession and the Society
  • At all time show professional competence and integrity

The code is mandatory for all professionally qualified fellows (CStats and GradStats) and recommended to all fellows of the Society.

This is an abbreviated version of the Code of Conduct. Copies of this document are sent out to new fellows as part of their welcome pack.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Fellows may seek the support of the Society if they encounter situations which challenge their ability to act professionally (ie comply with the Code of Conduct) by contacting the Director of Membership and Professional Affairs in the first instance.

If you have concerns about the professional behaviour of a fellow, believing the fellow to be in contravention of the code, please also raise your concern with the Director of Membership and Professional Affairs.

The Director of Membership and Professional Affairs is Nicola Emmerson.

Please see the RSS Disciplinary Procedure for details as to how complaints are usually handled.