Council and Executive Committee

2024 Council and Executive Committee members (PDF)


Our Council, chaired by our president, is our main governing body, managing our income, funds, property and activities. Council members comprise honorary officers, including the President, and 24 ordinary members.

The Society's work is led by honorary officers who work on a day-to-day basis with a member of staff, including four vice presidents. Honorary officers are appointed or re-appointed each year by Council, selected from our fellows. At least half of the honorary officers must be current or past elected members of the Council.

Every year several vacancies arise for membership on our Council. Following consultation with the fellowship, Council nominates fellows to stand in the election. A ballot is then held among our fellowship. Our bylaws require that Council proposes two nominations more than the number of vacancies for ordinary members of Council, ensuring an election every year.

Executive Committee

The Society’s executive committee is responsible for working with the senior management team on the operational aspects of delivering the overall strategy for the organisation which is set by the Council. It meets three times a year and formally reports back to Council after each meeting.

The Committee comprises the president, the president-elect (where one exists), the four vice presidents, the treasurer and the honorary officer for remuneration and staffing, one representative of Council, plus up to two others who may bring expertise to the committee.