Statistics in Sport

The Statistics in Sport Section was established to cater for anyone with an interest in the application of statistical methods and tools in sport.
Within the sports industry there are many constituents with an increasing interest in statistics. Professional sport is becoming more engaged with statistics and is increasingly using statisticians and data scientists to help make decisions on such things as playing strategy and recruitment of players.
Wider businesses such as sports media and broadcasting have a substantial interest in utilising robust statistical tools and methodology to drive fan engagement and customer satisfaction. For other related businesses, such as sports betting, statistical modelling and data science continue to be integral to successful operation.

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The aims and objectives of the Section are:
  • To foster statistical research in sports, defined as modelling and analysis inspired by or applied to a problem in sport
  • To bring together a community of researchers. The community is open to academics, early career researchers, industry professionals and those with an interest in quantitative analysis in sports.
  • To support the communication of statistical research into the wider community, and help non-statisticians understand why and how statistics is a valuable tool.

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