Statistics in Sport Section RSS 2019 session: Summer of Sports

This Application of Statistics session on Summer of Sports comprised two elements a talk and a panel session.

The talk was by Harry Spearing from Lancaster University speaking on 'Ranking and other roperties of elite swimmers using extreme value theory'. His talk covered the work he had done ranking swimmers and gave some great practical examples of the modelling techniques used.

Next began the panel session, where presenter Scott Heald asked the three panel members Harry Spearing, Luigi Colombo and Rob Mastrodomenico a number of prepared questions to get the ball rolling. These included looking at who was the greatest tennis player of all time, who was going to win the rugby World Cup, the use of data in sports alongside getting some insight on what the panelists do in their day jobs. 

The audience were then asked if they had questions and they then filled the rest of the session with a questions over a wide variety of topics. 

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