Types of job

You may be surprised at just how many interesting jobs there are for statisticians. This section takes an in depth look at the different areas where statisticians work, the jobs they do, and how to get started.


An actuary is an expert in risk management, using mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events.

Data Scientist

Data science is a progressive, exciting and relatively undersubscribed career pathway. With the arrival of ‘big data’ there is a growing need for data scientists. You can work across multiple sectors from finance and e-commerce to retail, medicine or transport.

Environmental statistician

Environmental statisticians are responsible for the analysis and interpretation of environmental data, for the design of environmental studies.

Forensic Statistician

Some forensic statisticians are employed by forensic science units specifically to analyse forensic data. There are also some researchers who specialise in carrying out statistical research on forensic matters and act as consultant forensic statisticians when required.

Government statistician

Government statisticians are responsible for collecting, analysing and publishing statistics related to the economy, population and society. The Government Statistical Service (GSS) is the umbrella organisation which brings together all statisticians across government.

Market Research Statistician

Market research statisticians gather, record and analyse information relating to the transfer and sale of goods and services so providers of goods and services are in touch with the needs and wants of buyers.

Medical statistician

The work of medical statisticians is central to the design, analysis and interpretation of health research, including issues such as the monitoring and surveillance of health, identifying factors associated with disease, and the detecting and preventing of disease.

Pharmaceutical Statistician

Statisticians and statistical programmers in the pharmaceutical industry are key players in all areas of drug research and development, from the initial identification of a chemical right through to the manufacturing and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products.

School Teacher

Teachers of statistics provide students with employability skills which we know employers in every sector are seeking from new recruits, be they school leavers or graduates. Statistics can be applied to several subjects that one can choose to teach.

Sports Statistician

Statisticians in the sports sector to try to model sporting events. One of the biggest employers of sports statisticians is in consultancy to the betting industry.

Statistical Consultant

A statistical consultant provides statistical advice, analysis and training. Clients can come from a wide variety of sectors including business, medicine, environment and government, but they all have one thing in common; they wish to collect and analyse data to make evidence-based decisions.

University Lecturer

A job as a lecturer can be a highly rewarding career, with the freedom to research in one’s chosen area of interest, and the possibility of making a high impact in scientific applications.