Online Interactive Discussion Meeting at RSS Conference

Date: Wednesday 09 September 2020, 4.15PM
Location: online
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The Discussion paper ‘Testing by betting: A strategy for statistical and scientific communication’ will be presented by the author, Glenn Shafer, Rutgers University, USA.

The preprint for the paper is available below and we welcome your contributions in the usual way during the meeting and/or in writing afterwards by 23 September 2020.

To be published in Series A; for more information go to the Wiley Online Library

The preprint and the presentation slides are available to download:

Testing by betting: A strategy for statistical and scientific communication (PDF)
Testing by betting presentation (PDF).

We welcome your contributions to the discussion of the paper which will be published in Series A. Please check for details.

The RSS is committed to ensuring an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who care about good data and statistics.
Abstract: The most widely used concept of statistical inference — the p-value —is too complicated for effective communication to a wide audience. This paper introduces a simpler way of reporting statistical evidence: report the outcome of a bet against the null hypothesis. This leads to a new role for likelihood, to alternatives to power and confidence, and to a framework for meta-analysis that accommodates both planned and opportunistic testing of statistical hypotheses and probabilistic fore-casts. This framework builds on the foundation for mathematical probability developed in previous work by Vladimir Vovk and myself.
Glenn Shafer, Rutgers University, USA
Discussion Meetings Committee
Judith Shorten - Journals Administrator
This meeting is free to attend.

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