Books and Media Reviews

The following items are currently available (listed by year of publication). There is no fee but the reviewer keeps the book, except when publishers make an ebook available for limited time. Please contact the reviews editor ( to request an item.

  • Books available
    Achen, Christopher H.; The Statistical Analysis of Quasi-Experiments, First Edition; Wiley
    Adams, Christopher P.; Learning Microeconometrics with R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Aitken, Colin; Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Alemayehu, Demissie; Interface between Regulation and Statistics in Drug Development; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Anderson, Raymond​; Credit Intelligence and Modelling: Many Paths through the Forest of Credit Rating and Scoring; Oxford University Press
    Aslam, Muhammad; Introduction to Statistical Process Control; Wiley
    Bailer, A.; Statistical Programming in SAS; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy .; Accelerated Life Testing of One-shot Devices: Data Collection and Analysis; Wiley
    Banks, David L.; Handbook of Forensic Statistics; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Barbu, Vlad Stefan.; Statistical Topics and Stochastic Models for Dependent Data with Applications; Wiley
    Baum, Christopher F.; Environmental Econometrics Using Stata; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Baumer, Benjamin S.; Modern Data Science with R; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Biecek, Przemyslaw.; Explanatory Model Analysis: Explore, Explain, and Examine Predictive Models; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Bolla, Marianna.; Multidimensional Stationary Time Series: Dimension Reduction and Prediction; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Borovkov, Ulyanov, Zhitlukh.; Asymptotic Analysis of Random Walks; Cambridge University Press
    Braun, Murdoch.; A First Course in Statistical Programming with R; Cambridge University Press
    Brémaud, Pierre; Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes; Springer
    Buchbinder, Iosif L.; Shapiro, Ilya.; Introduction to Quantum Field Theory with Applications to Quantum Gravity; Oxford University Press
    Cahusac, Peter M. B.; Evidence-Based Statistics: An Introduction to the Evidential Approach - from Likelihood Principle to Statistical Practice; Wiley
    Campbell, Michael J.; Statistics at Square Two: Understanding Modern Statistical Applications in Medicine; Wiley
    Carstensen, Bendix; Epidemiology with R; Oxford University Press
    Chatterjee, Samprit; Handbook of Regression Analysis With Applications in R, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Chen, Xinguang, and Chen, Ding-Geng; Statistical Methods for Global Health and Epidemiology; Springer
    Chun, Asaph Young; Administrative Records for Survey Methodology; Wiley
    Cobham, Alex; The Uncounted; Wiley
    Coene, John; Javascript for R; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Cole, Diana; Parameter Redundancy and Identifiability; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Curry, Edward; Introduction to Bioinformatics with R: A Practical Guide for Biologists; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Dai, Harrison.; Processing Networks; Cambridge University Press
    De Brouwer, Philippe J. S.; The Big R-Book: From Data Science to Learning Machines and Big Data; Wiley
    Debowski, Lukasz.; Information Theory Meets Power Laws: Stochastic Processes and Language Models; Wiley
    Denis, Daniel J.; Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics Using Python: A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Data Analysis; Wiley
    Denis, Daniel J.; Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics Using R: Quantitative Tools for Data Analysis and Data Science; Wiley
    Denis, Daniel J.; Applied Univariate, Bivariate, and Multivariate Statistics: Understanding Statistics for Social and Natural Scientists, With Applications in SPSS and R, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Dimotikalis, Yannis; Applied Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis 2: Financial, Demographic, Stochastic and Statistical Models and Methods; Wiley
    Doganaksoy, Necip; Achieving Product Reliability: A Key to Business Success; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Edge, M. D.; Statistical Thinking from Scratch: a Primer for Scientists; Oxford University Press
    Emam, Moataz H.; Covariant Physics; Oxford University Press
    Elliot, Andrew C. A.; What are the Chances of That?: How to Think About Uncertainty; Oxford University Press
    Faraway, Julian J.; Linear Models with Python; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Fay, Colin; Engineering Production-Grade Shiny Apps; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Foster, Ian; Big Data and Social Science: Data Science Methods and Tools for Research and Practice; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Fowler, Jim; Practical Statistics for Nursing and Health Care, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Fraser, Christophe; Grassly, Nicholas C.; Infectious Disease Epidemiology; Oxford University Press
    Gamerman, Dani; Building a Platform for Data-Driven Pandemic Prediction: From Data Modelling to Visualisation - The CovidLP Project; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Gillard, Jonathan; A First Course in Statistical Inference; Springer
    Gilliland, Michael; Business Forecasting: The Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; Wiley
    Giné, Nickl; Mathematical Foundations of Infinite-Dimensional Statistical Models; Cambridge University Press
    Giraud, Christophe; Introduction to High-Dimensional Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Glaz, Barry; Applied Statistics in Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Sciences; Wiley
    Goad, Carla L.; SAS Programming for Elementary Statistics: Getting Started; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Golden, Richard; Statistical Machine Learning: a Unified Framework; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Grana, Dario; Seismic Reservoir Modeling: Theory, Examples, and Algorithms; Wiley
    Greselin, Francesca, Vichi, Maurizio, Deldossi, Laura, and Bagnato, Luca; Statistical Learning of Complex Data; Springer
    Grosser, Malte; Advanced R Solutions; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Gupta, Bhisham C.; Statistical Quality Control: Using MINITAB, R, JMP and Python; Wiley
    Harrison, Ewen; R for Health Data Science; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Harrer, Mathias.; Doing Meta-Analysis with R: A Hands-On Guide; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Hector, Andrew; The New Statistics with R; Oxford University Press
    Henderson, Peter A.; Southwood's Ecological Methods; Oxford University Press
    Hill, Craig A.; Big Data Meets Survey Science: A Collection of Innovative Methods; Wiley
    Hoffmann, John P.; Linear Regression Models: Applications in R; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Hoerl, Roger W.; Statistical Thinking: Improving Business Performance, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Huang, Shuai.; Data Analytics: A Small Data Approach; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Iacus, Stefano M.; Subjective Well-Being and Social Media; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Kenett, Ron S.; Modern Industrial Statistics: With Applications in R, MINITAB, and JMP, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Kennedy, Ryan; Introduction to R for Social Scientists: A Tidy Programming Approach; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Kim, Kyung Mann; Handbook of Statistical Methods for Randomized Controlled Trials; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Kirk, Andy; Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design, 2nd Edition; Sage
    Koroliouk, Dmitri.; Dynamics of Statistical Experiments; Wiley
    Krishna Kumar Mohbey; Predictive Analytics Using Statistics and Big Data: Concepts and Modeling; Bentham Publications.
    Kulas, John T.; IBM SPSS Essentials: Managing and Analyzing Social Sciences Data, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Lawrence, Andy; Probability in Physics; Springer
    Lawson, John; An Introduction to Acceptance Sampling and SPC with R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Lee, Sang Joon; Methodologies in Biosimilar Product Development; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Lee, Peter M.; Bayesian Statistics: An Introduction, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Leemis, Larry; Mathematical Statistics; Taylor and Francis
    Leemis, Larry; Probability, 2nd Edition; Taylor and Francis 
    Lighton, John R. B.; Measuring Metabolic Rates; Oxford University Press
    Limnios, Nikolaos.; Statistical Methods and Modeling of Seismogenesis; Wiley
    Longford, Nicholas T.; Statistics for Making Decisions; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Lyubchich, Vyacheslav; Evaluating Climate Change Impacts; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Makrides, Andreas; Data Analysis and Applications 3: Computational, Classification, Financial, Statistical and Stochastic Methods; Wiley
    Malinovskii, Vsevolod; Risk Measures and Insurance Solvency Benchmarks  Fixed-Probability Levels in Renewal Risk Models; Chapman & Hall
    Maltenfort, Mitchell; Statistical Reasoning for Surgeons; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Mavrakakis, Miltiadis C.; Probability and Statistical Inference: From Basic Principles to Advanced Models; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    McNulty, Keith.; Handbook of Regression Modeling in People Analytics: With Examples in R and Python; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Meester, Slooten.; Probability and Forensic Evidence; Cambridge University Press
    Mehmetoglu, Mehmet.; Structural Equation Modelling with Partial Least Squares Using Stata and R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Michael Friendly.; A History of Data Visualization and Graphic Communication; Harvard University Press
    Michel, René, von Martens, Tobias, and Schnakenburg, Igor.; Targeting Uplift: an Introduction to Net Scores; Springer
    Mohbey, KK(ed).; Predictive Analytics Using Statistics and Big Data: Concepts and Modeling; Bentham Publications
    Morrison.; Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers and Scientists; Cambridge University Press
    Mueller, John Paul.; Data Science Programming All-in-One For Dummies; Wiley
    Mukhopadhyay, Nitis.; Gini Inequality Index: Methods and Applications; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Murray, Dennis L.; Population Ecology in Practice; Wiley
    Myers, Chelsea.; Project-Based R Companion to Introductory Statistics; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Nelson, Michael; Statistics in Nutrition and Dietetics; Wiley
    Niewiadomska-Bugaj, Magdalena; Probability and Statistical Inference, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Nina Engelhardt; Modernism, Fiction and Mathematics; Edinburgh University Press
    Oakland, John S., Oakland, Robert J. and Turner, Michael A.; Total Quality Management and Operational Excellence: Text with Cases, 5th edn; Routledge
    Oliveira, A. Gouveia.; Biostatistics Decoded, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Osborne, Richard; Music by Numbers: The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the Music Industry; Wiley
    Paradis, Emmanuel; Population Genomics with R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Pav, Steven E.; The Sharpe Ratio: Statistics and Applications; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Peña, Daniel; Statistical Learning for Big Dependent Data; Wiley
    Peng, Shige; Nonlinear Expectations and Stochastic Calculus under Uncertainty; Springer
    Peng, Yingwei; Cure Models: Methods, Applications, and Implementation; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Petchey, Owen L.; Beckerman, Andrew P.; Cooper, Natalie; Childs, Dylan Z.; Insights from Data with R; Oxford University Press
    Popov.; Two-Dimensional Random Walk; Cambridge University Press
    Prado, Raquel; Time Series: Modeling, Computation, and Inference, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Prügel-Bennett, Adam; The Probability Companion for Engineering and Computer Science; Cambridge University Press
    Quirk, Thomas J.; Excel 2019 for Engineering Statistics; Springer
    Rabbee, Nusrat; Biomarker Analysis in Clinical Trials with R;
    Rausand, Marvin; Risk Assessment: Theory, Methods, and Applications, 2nd Edition; Wiley
    Rausand, Marvin; System Reliability Theory: Models, Statistical Methods, and Applications, 3rd Edition; Wiley
    Rigdon, Steven E.; Monitoring the Health of Populations by Tracking Disease Outbreaks: Saving Humanity from the Next Plague; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Roberto Rivera; Principles of Managerial Statistics and Data Science; Wiley
    Rosner, Gary L.; Bayesian Thinking in Biostatistics; Chapman &Hall/CRC Press
    Salcedo, Jesus.; SPSS Statistics For Dummies, 4th Edition; Wiley
    Scheps, Swain; Sports Betting For Dummies; Wiley
    Schouten, Barry; Mixed-Mode Official Surveys: Design and Analysis; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Scott, David W.; Statistics: A Concise Mathematical Introduction for Students, Scientists, and Engineers; Wiley
    Scutari, Marco; Bayesian Networks: With Examples in R; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Sethna, James P.; Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters, and Complexity; Oxford University Press
    Severini, Thomas A.; Analytic Methods in Sports: Using Mathematics and Statistics to Understand Data from Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Other Sports; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Sijtsma, Klaas.; Measurement Models for Psychological Attributes; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Stuart Elden; Speaking Against Number: Heidegger, Language and the Politics of Calculation; Edinburgh University Press
    Tamhane, Ajit C.; Predictive Analytics: Parametric Models for Regression and Classification Using R; Wiley
    Tartakovsky, Alexander; Sequential Change Detection and Hypothesis Testing; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Tille, Yves; Sampling and Estimation from Finite Populations; Wiley
    Touchon, Justin C.; Applied Statistics with R; Oxford University Press
    Tsai, Kao-Tai.; Machine Learning for Knowledge Discovery with R: Methodologies for Modeling, Inference and Prediction; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Urdinez, Francisco; R for Political Data Science: A Practical Guide; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Walden, Andrew T. and Percival, Donald B.; Spectral Analysis for Univariate Time Series; Cambridge University Press                
    Walters, Stephen J.; Medical Statistics: A Textbook for the Health Sciences, 5th Edition; Wiley
    Wenhui Mo.; Reliability Calculations with the Stochastic Finite Element; Bentham Publications.
    Whitmore, Nathan; R for Conservation and Development Projects: A Primer for Practitioners; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Wiedermann, Wolfgang; Direction Dependence in Statistical Modeling: Methods of Analysis; Wiley
    Williams, Leighton Vaughan.; Probability, Choice, and Reason; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Wu, Jianrong; Single-Arm Phase II Survival Trial Design; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Yi, Grace Y.; Handbook of Measurement Error Models; Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
    Zakeri, Saeed; A Course in Complex Analysis; Princeton University Press
    Zhang, Hongmei; Analyzing High-Dimensional Gene Expression and DNA Methylation Data with R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
    Zhao, Yan-Gang.; Structural Reliability: Approaches from Perspectives of Statistical Moments; Wiley
    Zuccolotto, Paola; Basketball Data Science: with Applications in R; Chapman and Hall/CRC Press
Reviews guidelines

Reviews should be informative and express a view. While most reviews are of books, we welcome suggestions for review of any material (eg video or audio, online courses) relevant to statisticians. Please contact the reviews editor with any suggestions.

Readers want to know whether this book (or other material) could be of interest to them, or to a colleague or student. Space for reviews is limited, so every word used must earn its place. A minority of books merit a very full review, about 600–800 words; most reviews are expected to be about 300–400 words; for some books, including those little changed from a previous edition, 150 words will suffice. For Significance magazine, reviews must be no more than 250 words. Please try not to include formulae or complex mathematical expressions.

Do not hold back from offering fair and defensible (but not offensive) criticism where it is deserved. If your review exposes a book as outdated, inaccurate or unsatisfactory in other ways, you will earn the gratitude of many. Similarly, when the book has a refreshing perspective, or is particularly useful (even in a few chapters), your enthusiasm will be appreciated. Of course, you must not review material in which you have a pecuniary or similar interest.

Avoid simply quoting from the publisher’s blurb, without comment, or merely listing chapter titles, unless this is the best way to succinctly describe the content. Your review should offer more than can be found by a reader stumbling across the book in a bookshop, or advertised on a website. If the authors have offered to make publicly available a list of misprints and corrections, it will be more useful to send minor slips directly to them than to take up space in your review. But, when you find errors that are likely to mislead, then point them out!

Sometimes, two or more books on the same topic can be reviewed together; in general, comparisons of new books with the existing literature can be most helpful. We want reviews published in our journals to read well, to be authoritative, and to be useful to the statistical community. If you refer to other published work, give precise details in the conventional manner, listing such references at the end of your review.

The division between publication in Significance and Series A of the journal is now established: reviews of books aimed at the general public, undergraduate texts and historical surveys now appear in Significance, whereas more technical books, research monographs and postgraduate texts will be reviewed in Series A.

Head your review with the standard information in this order: title, author(s), publication year, edition or format, publisher, length, price and ISBN. End with your own name and your affiliation (or simply town or city where you live), and your e-mail address if you are happy for it to appear in print. Send as plain text or Word document; LaTeX markup may also be helpful if typographic features or non-English characters are relied on.

The book reviews editor and/or the copy editor might edit your review mildly, mainly to put it into in ‘house style’, but also to correct typographical errors etc; if an editor wishes to make any alteration of substance, he or she will run it past you first. You will, of course, also receive proofs of the text to check before publication, but the review cannot be published until you also return a signed copy of the copyright transfer agreement (CTA) that will accompany the proofs.

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