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The following items are currently available (listed by year of publication). There is no fee but the reviewer keeps the book, except when publishers make an ebook available for limited time. Please contact the reviews editor ( to request an item.

  • Books available
    Arnold, Taylor; A Computational Approach to Statistical Learning; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-04637-5
    Bailar/Mostelle; Medical Uses of Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-138-46959-4
    Banks, David L.; Handbook of Forensic Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-138-29540-7
    Baron, Michael; Probability and Statistics for Computer Scientists, Third Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-138-04448-7
    Bécue-Bertaut, Mónica; Textual Statistics with R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-138-62691-1
    Blastland, Michael; The Hidden Half: How the World Conceals its Secrets; Allen&Unwin; May 2019; 9781786497772 
    Blitzstein, Joseph K.; Introduction to Probability, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-36991-7
    Bouveyron, Charles , Gilles Celeux, T. Brendan Murphy and Adrian E. Raftery; Model-Based Clustering and Classification for Data Science with Applications in R; CUP; Sept 2019; 9781108494205
    Brass, Peter; Advanced Data Structures; CUP; May 2019; 9781108735513
    Broemeling, Lyle D.; Bayesian Analysis of Time Series; Chapman & Hall/CRC; April 2019; 978-1-138-59152-3
    Carini, Claudio; Handbook of Biomarkers and Precision Medicine; Chapman & Hall/CRC; April 2019; 978-1-4987-6258-8
    Chang, Mark; Innovative Strategies, Statistical Solutions and Simulations for Modern Clinical Trials;Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-0-8153-7944-7
    Chatfield, Chris; The Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction with R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-4987-9563-0
    Corea, Francesco ; An Introduction to Data: Everything You Need to Know About AI, Big Data and Data Science; Springer; 2019; 978-3-030-04468-8
    Crocetta, Corrado (Ed.) ; Theoretical and Applied Statistics: conference proceedings in honour of Corrado Gini; Springer; 2019; 978-3-030-05420-5 
    Cummings, Peter; Analysis of Incidence Rates; Chapman & Hall/CRC; April 2019; 978-0-367-15206-2
    Diggle, Peter J. ; Model-based Geostatistics for Global Public Health: Methods and Applications; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-73235-3
    Drobinski, P., Mougeot, M., Picard, D., Plougonven, R., Tankov, P. (Eds.); Renewable Energy: Forecasting and Risk Management; Springer; 2018; 978-3-319-99052-1
    Durrett, Rick; Probability: Theory and Examples (5th ed); CUP; 2019; 9781108473682
    Ekin, Tahir; Statistics and Health Care Fraud: How to Save Billions; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-10639-0 / -19742-8
    Emura, Takeshi, Matsui, Shigeyuki, Rondeau, Virginie; Survival Analysis with Correlated Endpoints: Joint Frailty-Copula Models; Springer; 2019; 978-981-13-3516-7
    Evans, Jeff, Sally Ruane and Humphrey Southall; Data in Society: Challenging Statistics in an Age of Globalisation; Bristol University Press; 978-1447348221 
    Finch, W. Holmes; Multilevel Modeling Using R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-138-48067-4
    Fruhwirth-Schnatter, Sylvia; Handbook of Mixture Analysis; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-4987-6381-3
    Gelfand, Alan E.; Handbook of Environmental and Ecological Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-4987-5202-2
    González, Juan R.; Omic Association Studies with R and Bioconductor; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-138-34056-5
    Gross, Benedict, Joe Harris and Emily Riehl; Fat Chance; CUP; May 2019; 9781108728188 
    Haining, Robert P.; Modelling Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Data: A Bayesian Approach; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-4822-3742-9
    Halabi, Susan; Textbook of Clinical Trials in Oncology: A Statistical Perspective; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-138-08377-6
    Hay-Jahans, Christopher; R Companion to Elementary Applied Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-138-32916-4
    Holmes, Susan and Wolfgang Huber; Modern Statistics for Modern Biology; CUP; February 2019; 9781108705295 
    Jurečková, Jana; Robust Statistical Methods with R, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-138-03536-2
    Khan, Iftekhar; Economic Evaluation of Cancer Drugs: Using Clinical Trial and Real-World Data; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-4987-6130-7
    Krainski, Elias T. et al.; Advanced Spatial Modeling with Stochastic Partial Differential Equations Using R and INLA; Chapman & Hall/CRC; December 2018; 978-1-138-36985-6
    Le Roux, Brigitte; Combinatorial Inference in Geometric Data Analysis; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-4987-8161-9
    Lesik, Sally A.; Applied Statistical Inference with MINITAB®, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-4987-7998-2
    Li, Ta-Hsin; Time Series with Mixed Spectra; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-138-37495-9
    Liu, Charlie Chunhua; Producing High-Quality Figures Using SAS/GRAPH® and ODS Graphics Procedures; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-138-46930-3
    Liu, Yan, Akashi, Fumiya, Taniguchi, Masanobu ; Empirical Likelihood and Quantile Methods for Time Series: Efficiency, Robustness, Optimality, and Prediction; Springer JSS Research Series in Statistics; 2018; 978-981-10-0152-9
    Lohr, Sharon L.; Measuring Crime: Behind the Statistics; Chapman & Hall/CRC; April 2019; 978-0-367-19231-0
    Lovelace, Robin; Geocomputation with R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-30451-2
    Maharaj, Elizabeth Ann; Time Series Clustering and Classification; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-1-4987-7321-8
    Matloff, Norman; Probability and Statistics for Data Science: Math + R + Data; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-138-39329-5
    Metcalfe, Andrew; Statistics in Engineering: With Examples in MATLAB® and R, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-4398-9547-4
    Moreno, Elias; Bayesian Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Medical Treatments; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-138-73173-8
    Nakajima, Shinichi , Kazuho Watanabe and Masashi Sugiyama; Variational Bayesian Learning Theory;CUP; July 2019; 9781107076150 
    Ng, Shu Kay; Mixture Modelling for Medical and Health Sciences; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-4822-3675-0
    Nualart, David and Nualart, Eulalia; Introduction to Malliavin Calculus; CUP; May 2018; 9781107611986
    O’Hare, William P ; Differential Undercounts in the U.S. Census; Springer, SpringerBriefs in Population Studies; 2019; 978-3-030-10973-8 (an open access book
    Palfrey, Thomas R.; Bayesian Implementation; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-46949-5
    Pitard, Francis F.; Theory of Sampling and Sampling Practice, Third Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-1-138-47648-6
    Prentice, Ross L.; The Statistical Analysis of Multivariate Failure Time Data: A Marginal Modeling Approach;Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-4822-5657-4
    Prügel-Bennett, Adam; The Probability Companion for Engineering and Computer Science; CUP; Sept 2019; 9781108727709 
    Reich, Brian J.; Bayesian Statistical Methods; Chapman & Hall/CRC; April 2019; 978-0-8153-7864-8
    Rizzo, Maria L.; Statistical Computing with R, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-4665-5332-3
    Särkkä, Simo and Arno Solin; Applied Stochastic Differential Equations; CUP; May 2019; 9781316649466 
    Shumway, Robert; Time Series: A Data Analysis Approach Using R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-0-367-22109-6
    Stroup, Walter, George Milliken, Elizabeth Claassen, and Russell Wolfinger; SAS® for Mixed Models: Introduction and Basic Applications; SAS Press; December 2018; 9781635261356 
    Sundberg, Rolf; Statistical Modelling by Exponential Families; CUP; July 2019; 9781108701112 
    Twisk , Jos W. R.; Applied Mixed Model Analysis: A Practical Guide; CUP; April 2019; 9781108727761
    van Lieshout, M.N.M.; Theory of Spatial Statistics: A Concise Introduction; Chapman & Hall/CRC; March 2019; 978-0-367-14639-9
    Vehkalahti, Kimmo; Multivariate Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; January 2019; 978-0-8153-8515-8
    Wickham, Hadley; Advanced R, Second Edition; Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-0-8153-8457-1
    Wikle, Christopher K.; Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R; Chapman & Hall/CRC; February 2019; 978-1-138-71113-6
    Yang, Harry; Bayesian Analysis with R for Drug Development: Concepts, Algorithms, and Case Studies ;Chapman & Hall/CRC; June 2019; 978-1-138-29587-2
    Zhang, Li-Chun; Analysis of Integrated Data; Chapman & Hall/CRC; May 2019; 978-1-4987-2798-3
    Zhao, Yichuan, Chen, Ding-Geng (Eds.); New Frontiers of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics; Springer; 2018; 978-3-319-99389-8
    Zuur A.F., Ieno E.N. and Saveliev A.A.; Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA: Vol 1 Using GLM and GLMM; Highland Statistics; Feb 2017; 9780957174191
    Zuur A.F. and Ieno E.N.; Beginner's Guide to Spatial, Temporal and Spatial-Temporal Ecological Data Analysis with R-INLA: Vol 2 GAM and Zero-inflated Models; Highland Statistics; 2017;
Review guidelines

Reviews should be informative and express a view. While most reviews are of books, we welcome suggestions for review of any material (eg video or audio, online courses) relevant to statisticians. Please contact the reviews editor with any suggestions.

Readers want to know whether this book (or other material) could be of interest to them, or to a colleague or student. Space for reviews is limited, so every word used must earn its place. A minority of books merit a very full review, about 600–800 words; most reviews are expected to be about 300–400 words; for some books, including those little changed from a previous edition, 150 words will suffice. For Significance magazine, reviews must be no more than 250 words. Please try not to include formulae or complex mathematical expressions.

Do not hold back from offering fair and defensible (but not offensive) criticism where it is deserved. If your review exposes a book as outdated, inaccurate or unsatisfactory in other ways, you will earn the gratitude of many. Similarly, when the book has a refreshing perspective, or is particularly useful (even in a few chapters), your enthusiasm will be appreciated. Of course, you must not review material in which you have a pecuniary or similar interest.

Avoid simply quoting from the publisher’s blurb, without comment, or merely listing chapter titles, unless this is the best way to succinctly describe the content. Your review should offer more than can be found by a reader stumbling across the book in a bookshop, or advertised on a website. If the authors have offered to make publicly available a list of misprints and corrections, it will be more useful to send minor slips directly to them than to take up space in your review. But, when you find errors that are likely to mislead, then point them out!

Sometimes, two or more books on the same topic can be reviewed together; in general, comparisons of new books with the existing literature can be most helpful. We want reviews published in our journals to read well, to be authoritative, and to be useful to the statistical community. If you refer to other published work, give precise details in the conventional manner, listing such references at the end of your review.

The division between publication in Significance and Series A of the journal is now established: reviews of books aimed at the general public, undergraduate texts and historical surveys now appear in Significance, whereas more technical books, research monographs and postgraduate texts will be reviewed in Series A.

Head your review with the standard information in this order: title, author(s), publication year, edition or format, publisher, length, price and ISBN. End with your own name and your affiliation (or simply town or city where you live), and your e-mail address if you are happy for it to appear in print. Send as plain text or Word document; LaTeX markup may also be helpful if typographic features or non-English characters are relied on.

The book reviews editor and/or the copy editor might edit your review mildly, mainly to put it into in ‘house style’, but also to correct typographical errors etc; if an editor wishes to make any alteration of substance, he or she will run it past you first. You will, of course, also receive proofs of the text to check before publication, but the review cannot be published until you also return a signed copy of the copyright transfer agreement (CTA) that will accompany the proofs.

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