Discussion paper meetings

Some RSS Journal articles ('papers for reading') are presented and discussed before publication at a discussion meeting. The discussion and authors' replies are then published in the relevant Journal series. About half of the meetings are organised by the Society's Research Section and the events are often preceded by an informal session on the issues raised by the papers.

Discussion Meetings are usually held in the early evening at the Society's premises in Errol Street, London. Any change in venue will be noted alongside the meeting details.

Preprints of journal papers are available to download to encourage discussion at our discussion meetings before publication in one of our journals. Other papers, such as presidential addresses, are also available to download. All preprints available here are provisional and subject to later amendment by the authors.

See our guidelines for papers for discussion and submit a paper.

Contact Judith Shorten if you would like to make a written contribution to a discussion meeting or receive a preprint for each meeting by email.

See details of forthcoming discussion meetings.