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The Business & Industrial Section (BIS) brings together practitioners from academia and industry who are passionate about improving the analysis and interpretation of data in making management decisions. BIS hosts regular speaker sessions and contributes to broader RSS activities to advance the use of statistical thinking, evidence-based approaches and statistical methods in business and industry, both within the UK and globally. BIS has been established since 1933 and is one of the oldest sections of the society, having grown from its origins in Birmingham to a UK-wide network.

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  • The BIS Section promotes the advancement and the application of statistical techniques (methods and thinking) to all aspects of business and industry through organising meetings or conferences on relevant topics.  
  • The meetings or conferences may involve presentations, discussions, demonstrations or the reading of papers.  
  • The Committee may form (with the permission of Council) working groups for the examination and study of particular problems.
  • The BIS welcomes opportunities to organise meetings jointly with other organisations, sections or groups. It works with or notifies other sections when there are meetings relevant to them.


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