2021 Annual General Meeting of the Business and Industrial Section

The annual general meeting (AGM) of the Business and Industrial Section of the Royal Statistical Society will be held online on Wednesday 1 December 2021 at 3.45pm following a committee  meeting. If you wish to attend the AGM, please contact the Section for the joining details.
In accordance with the regulations of Sections, the following candidates are nominated by the section committee as members for the 2022 session:
Chair: David Smallbone
Vice-chair: Neil Spencer
Secretary: vacant
Meetings secretary: Giuliana Battisti
Andrei Bejan
Anthony Bendell
Prajamitra Bhuyan*
Roland Caulcutt
Silvia Liverani*
Nigel Marriott*
Cristina Sargent
Peter Smith
Roger Hilton* (co-opted)
Anastasiia Panova* (co-opted)

Unless alternative nominations are received by Amaka Nwagbara before 17 November, these persons will be declared elected at the AGM.
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