Consultants Directory

We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.

Piotr Fryzlewicz Statistics and data science consulting services in: statistical modelling and simulation; time series analysis including time series forecasting; predictive analytics including predictive regression modelling; statistical computing in R; statistical learning and machine learning including deep learning; change-point detection; high-dimensional statistical inference and dimension reduction; quantitative finance. Statistics and data science training courses in: general statistics and machine learning, predictive regression modelling, deep learning with R and Keras, time series analysis including forecasting, basic and advanced R, statistics in finance. (Please contact me if you are interested in a course on a topic not listed here.) Worldwide


Moon Tong So Applied Social Science Rsearch Worldwide


Anthony Bendell Change Management, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, ISO18404, Governance & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Developing Anti-Fragile Organisations, Organizational Excellence (including the EFQM Excellence Model), Strategy, Leadership, Quality Assurance, Quality Management and Lean Operations, Public Sector development and reform, Benchmarking, Reliability Analysis, Expectation Influenced Probability. Worldwide


Hon Yin Hau Scorecard, Information Value, Weight of Evidence, Linear / Logistics / Non-linear / Quantile regression, Automation, Time Series, Simulation, GLM, Survival Analysis, Risk Modelling, Pricing, Forecast, Data Cleansing, Experimental Design, Financial Modelling, Graphical Design, Erlang-C Model, Tree Decision Program: SAS, R, VBA, SQL, Tableau Worldwide


Shlomo Sawilowsky 1. Standardized Test Development. 2. Expert testimony: quantitative and qualitative research design, psychometrics, quantitative and qualitative data anlaysis; quantitative and qualitative program evaluation. 3. External Evaluator for funded research in education, psychology, engineering, etc.


David Boniface I began my career as a Medical Research Council statistician in the 1970’s and have specialised in solving statistical problems arising in medical and behavioural research leading to a large portfolio of publications. My experience as a professional statistician has involved work as lecturer, researcher, and statistician for some 30 years in universities and as an independent statistical consultant. I published a popular statistics text book to support my lecture series. My clients have ranged from official organisations such as the Advertising Standards Authority, through law firms and loss adjusters, and through to private companies such as the Boeing Aircraft Company. I am familiar with all the main statistical techniques and software packages. Europe
A Rosemary Tate Medical statistics and epidemiology. Machine learning and computer science. Analysis of electronic health records. Multivariate statistics and statistical pattern recognition. Analysis and design of surveys. Data quality. Data visualisation. Worldwide


Ian Hunt


Jo Morrison Analysis of publicly available education datasets, e.g. National Pupil Database, PISA & TIMSS international studies. Application of statistical techniques such as multilevel modelling and item response theory. Design and analysis of surveys.


Geoffrey Darnton The most widely recognized specialism is social statistics. I have experience of a wide range of research and consulting experiences. These include: simulating the economic consequences of the UK joining the EEC; using econometric techniques to monitor arms control agreements; checking the validity of social surveys; analyzing banking customer satisfaction measures; checking statistics used to determine legal aid payments to solicitors for criminal cases; updating methods of social research. Worldwide


Jean Mcewan Research Design / Data Analysis and Interpretation / Sensometrics Sensory & Consumer Sciences Food, Drink and Related Industries / Beverage Alcohol Training, Coaching and Mentoring Resource to Cover Short and Longer Term Client Needs – Industry, Agencies, Research Organisations


Joseph Mojekwu Social Statistics


Kerry Gordon Drug development, clinical trials


Nigel Marriott I specialise in the following 5 areas. For more details and case studies please visit my website or my LinkedIn profile as shown on the Contact Details tab. SURVEY DESIGN Sample size calculation, questionnaire design, imputation models, acceptance sampling, decision rules, sample design, market research. PAY GAP ANALYTICS Gender Pay Gap Modelling, Ethnicity Pay Gap Analysis, Equal Pay Audits, HR Data Analysis Training, Disability Pay Gap FORECASTING & RISK MODELS Forecasts, business planning, risk analysis, decision science, trend analysis, projections STATISTICAL TRAINING COURSES Basic Stats Courses, Statistical Thinking, Identifying Trends and Making Forecasts, Multivariate Analysis, Hypothesis Testing EXPERT WITNESS & ADVICE SERVICES Expert advice, statistical expert, stats advice Worldwide


Matt Homer Rasch modelling Multi-level modelling Latent class analysis Causality


Claire Watkins Design and analysis of clinical trials and real world data, evidence synthesis (including meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, indirect comparisons), survival modelling, independent data monitoring committee membership, authoring and review of regulatory and health technology assessment agency statistical documentation, statistical representation at agency meetings. Worldwide


Kim Cocks Clinical trial design Medical Devices Statistical analysis plans Statistical analysis Patient reported outcome development Longitudinal data analysis with informative missing data Worldwide


Melanie Wakelin I mainly work in medical research and have considerable experience in the design and analysis of clinical trials. My involvement in study design and analysis includes trials of medical devices, pharmaceutical products and non-pharmaceutical interventions in primary care. I have been involved in a large number of trials in the areas of women's health and dermatology. Outside of clinical research I also provide consultancy services in relation to non-clinical research and in particular assay development and validation. I have a strong academic background in biology as well as statistics and find that this helps me to rapidly understand the non-statistical aspects as well as the statistical issues in any proposed studies. I have developed and delivered a number of training courses to non-statisticians (scientists in industry and NHS). UK


Jane Hutton Life expectancy; cerebral palsy, injuries to neural system.


Anne Pinot De Moira I have a very strong background in statistics. I have first-hand experience of both qualitative and quantitative research. I have analysed data using parametric and non-parametric statistics, using sophisticated models but also using graphical representation to simplify findings. I regularly deal with data extracted from large datasets, collected by experimental design and resulting from questionnaires. In the context of my assessment and education research, I have considered a diverse range of issues relating to standards, the design of mark schemes, the identification of errant examiners, learner approaches and marking reliability. I maintain a keen interest in new developments in the field of statistics but regard the communication of statistical analyses as my greatest strength.