Consultants Directory

We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.


Timothy Wong Machine Learning, Time Series, Spark MLlib, Hadoop


Yin Bun Cheung Clinical trials, epidemiology, patient-reported outcomes


Chi Ming Chen Marketing Research, Sales & Marketing statistical analysis, Credit risk modeling


David Fox Through Environmetrics Australia, Professor Fox and associates are able to provide unparalleled statistical consulting and training services including, but not limited to: * advanced mathematical and statistical modelling; * R-programming; * customised 'R-Apps' for mobile devices; * large-scale data collection and processing tools; * Tailor-made statistics short courses from elementary to post-graduate. Worldwide


David Jones Management Information Official and National Statistics Statistical & Econometric analysis Surveys Data systems and tools Master Data Management and Quality Worldwide


Kuldeep Kumar Time Series Analysis, Forecasting, Statistical Modelling, Bankruptcy Prediction, Fraud Detection, Data Mining, Pattern Recognition, Data Analytics, Big Data Worldwide
Richard Ball Machine Learning, Data Science, Databases, Python, SQL, Anomaly Detection, Fraud Detection Worldwide


Thomas Brendan Murphy Clustering, classification, data mining, high dimensional data, computational statistics


Giovanni Montana Machine learning, multivariate analysis, deep reinforcement learning Worldwide


Keith Poon Devoted and competent team is our most valuable asset; our consultants have over fifteen years of professional experience from different disciplines like IT, management, manufacturing and service sectors. We offer cut to the point diagnosis, quick and handy solution, for pursuing high level organization effectiveness, process efficiency and sustainable business growth. Asia


Oyelola Adegboye Spatial and spatio-temporal models, environmental statistics, disease mapping and mixed models data


Anthony O'Hagan Bayesian methods and applications, particularly developing novel solutions to difficult problems. Elicitation of expert knowledge. Assurance analysis for drug development. Cost-effectiveness analysis for pharmaceuticals. Training in Bayesian statistics, cost-effectiveness analysis, elicitation, model uncertainty. Some experience in legal work. Worldwide


Peter Ceuppens Specialist in experimental design for both process/assay optimisation (in-vitro and in-vivo) and also for design and analysis of pivotal animal in-vivo experiments. Statistical training, particularly for scientists. Clinical pharmacology neuroscience and infection. Regulatory and investigative safety toxicology including reproductive, genetic and carcinogenicity. Safety pharmacology. Multivariate data analysis. Translational medicine including biomarker discovery and qualification. Data visualisation and interpretation.


Roland Caulcutt Six Sigma - I have trained thousands of blackbelts, greenbelts and managers and supported process improvement projects. Communication - I have run many courses to help data analysts communicate more effectively with managers and other clients. Worldwide


Dennis Kunimura Actuarial, Financial, Machine Learning, R Programming, Statistical training


Iain Clark My specialisations are option pricing using Monte Carlo simulation and finite difference methods, risk, model validation and financial data science. My asset class specialisations are foreign exchange, commodities and fixed income. I code in R, Python, C++14 and Matlab.


Tony Ward I work with any business that recognises the potential value of the data they hold; I am experienced in many industries including insurance, gaming, retail and financial services. Specialisms include * Unstructured Text Analytics (Topic Modelling) * Product Pricing * Marketing Analytics * Machine Learning * Data Science Worldwide


Camille Szmaragd Veterinary epidemiology, statistical modelling, computational statistics, multilevel modelling and MCMC simulations.


Cyril Connolly Data Visualisation Exploratory Data Analysis Statistical Process Control


Alfred Ma Operations research, probability and statistics