Past presidents

Copies of past President's Addresses are available on our President's Address page.

Professor Sylvia Richardson CBE FMedSci 2021-22
Professor Deborah Ashby OBE FMedSci  2019-20
Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter, OBE, FRS 2017-18
Professor Peter Diggle 2014-16
John Pullinger CB 2013
Professor Valerie Isham 2011-2012
Professor David J Hand, FBA (later OBE) 2010
Professor Bernard Silverman, FRS 2010
Professor David J Hand, FBA (later OBE) 2008-2009
Professor Tim Holt, CB 2005-2007
Professor A P Grieve 2003-2005
Professor P J Green, FRS 2001-2003
Professor D Lievesley CBE, FAcSS 1999-2001
Professor R N Curnow 1997-1999
Professor Adrian F M Smith, FRS (later Sir Adrian Smith) 1995-1997
Professor D J Bartholomew, FBA 1993-1995
Professor T M F Smith 1991-1993
Professor P G Moore 1989-1991
Sir John Kingman, FRS 1987-1989
Professor J Durbin 1986-1987
John A Nelder, FRS 1985-1986
Walter F Bodmer, FRS (later Sir Walter Bodmer) 1984-1985
Professor P Armitage, CBE 1982-1984
Professor D R Cox, FRS (later Sir David Cox, FRS, FBA (Hon) FRSE) 1980-1982
Sir Claus Moser, KCB, CBE, FBA (later Lord Moser) 1978-1980
Henry Philip Wynn 1977-1978
Stella V Cunliffe 1975-1977
Professor H E Daniels (later FRS) 1974-1975
Professor D J Finney, FRS 1973-1974
The Rt Hon Harold Wilson, OBE, FRS (later Lord Wilson) 1972-1973
Professor G A Barnard 1971-1972
Bernard Benjamin 1970-1971
Professor Sir Roy Allen, CBE 1969-1970
Francis Arthur Cockfield (later Lord Cockfield) 1968-1969
Frank Yates, CBE, FRS 1967-1968
Professor M S Bartlett, FRS 1966-1967
Leonard Henry Caleb Tippett 1965-1966
Stanley Paul Chambers, CB, CIE (later Sir Paul Chambers) 1964-1965
Joseph Oscar Irwin 1962-1964
Professor M G Kendall (later Sir Maurice Kendall) 1960-1962
Sir Hugh Beaver, KBE 1959-1960
H Campion, CB, CBE (later Sir Harry Campion) 1957-1959
Professor E S Pearson, CBE 1955-1957
The Lord Piercy of Burford, CBE 1954-1955
Professor Sir Ronald Fisher, FRS 1952-1954
Professor A Bradford Hill, CBE (later Sir Austin Bradford Hill, CBE, FRS) 1950-1952
Sir Geoffery Heyworth (later Lord Heyworth) 1949-50
David Heron 1947-1949
The Rt Hon The Lord Woolton, PC, CH (later Earl of Woolton) 1945-1947
Charles Ernest Snow, CBE 1943-1945
Sir William Beveridge, KCB, FBA (later Lord Beveridge) 1941-1943
Hector Leak 1941
Henry William Macrosty, OBE 1940-1941
Professor A L Bowley, CBE, FBA (later Sir Arthur Bowley) 1938-1940
The Rt Hon The Lord Kennet of the Dene, PC, GBE, DSO, DSC 1936-1938
Professor Major Greenwood, FRS 1934-1936
The Rt Hon The Lord Meston of Agra and Dunottar, KCSI 1932-1934
Sir Josiah C Stamp, GBE, FBA (later Lord Stamp) 1930-1932
A W Flux, CB (later Sir Alfred Flux) 1928-1930
The Rt Hon The Viscount Di’Abernon, GCB, GCMG 1926-1928
The Rt Hon The Lord Emmott, GCMG, GBE  1922-1924
Sir R Henry Rew, KCB  1920-1922
The Rt Hon Sir Herbert Samuel, GCB, GBE (later Viscount Samuel)  1918-1920
Sir Bernard Mallet, KCB  1916-1918
The Rt Hon The Lord George Hamilton, GCSI  1915-1916
The Rt Hon The Lord Welbey, GCB  1914-1915
Professor F Y Edgeworth, FBA  1912-1914
The Rt Hon The Lord George Hamilton, GCSI  1910-1912
Sir Jervoise Athelstane Baines, CSI  1909-1910
The Rt Hon Sir Charles W Dilke, Bart, MP  1907-1909
Sir Richard Biddulph Martin, Bart  1906-1907
The Rt Hon The Earl of Onslow, GCMG  1905-1906
Sir Francis Sharp Powell, Bart, MP  1904-1905
Major Patrick George Craigie, CB  1902-1904
The Rt Hon The Lord Avebury, FRS  1900-1902
The Rt Hon Sir Henry H Fowler, GCSI, MP (later Viscount Wolverhampton)  1899-1900
The Rt Hon Leonard H Courtney, MP (later Lord Courtney)  1897-1899
Sir Alfred Edmund Bateman, KCMG  1897
John Biddulph Martin  1896-1897
The Rt Hon The Lord Farrer  1894-1896
The Rt Hon Charles Booth  1892-1894
Frederic J Mouat  1890-1892
T Graham Balfour, FRS  1888-1890
The Rt Hon George J Goschen, MP, FRS (later Viscount Goschen)  1886-1888
Sir Rawson W Rawson, KCMG, CB  1884-1886
Sir Robert Giffen, KCB, FRS  1882-1884
The Rt Hon Sir James Caird, KCB, FRS  1880-1882
Thomas Brassey, MP (later Lord Brassey)  1879-1880
George J Shaw Lefevre, MP (later Lord Eversley)  1877-1879
James Heywood, FRS  1875-1877
William A Guy, FRS 1873-1875
William Farr, CB, FRS  1871-1873
William Newmarch, FRS  1869-1871
The Rt Hon W E Gladstone, MP  1867-1969
The Rt Hon The Lord Houghton, FRS  1865-1867
Colonel W H Sykes, MP, FRS  1863-1865
The Rt Hon Sir John S Pakington, Bart, MP, GCB (later Lord Hampton)  1861-1863
The Rt Hon The Lord John Russell, MP, FRS (later Earl Russell)  1859-1861
The Rt Hon The Lord Stanley, MP (later Earl of Derby)  1857-1859
The Rt Hon The Earl of Harrowby, KG  1855-1857
The Rt Hon The Earl Fitzwilliam, KG, FRS  1853-1855
The Rt Hon The Lord Overstone  1851-1853
The Rt Hon The Earl of Harrowby, KG  1849-1851
The Rt Hon The Earl Fitzwilliam, FRS  1847-1849
The Rt Hon The Lord Monteagle  1845-1847
The Rt Hon The Viscount Ashley, MP (later Earl of Shaftesbury)  1843-1845
The Most Noble The Marquis of Lansdowne, KG, FRS  1842-1843
The Rt Hon The Viscount Sandon, MP (later Earl of Harrowby)  1840-1842
The Rt Hon The Earl Fitzwilliam, FRS  1838-1840
Sir Charles Lemon, Bart, MP, FRS  1836-1838
The Most Noble The Marquis of Lansdowne, KG, FRS  1834-1836

Honorary Presidents

HRH Edward Prince of Wales, KG 1921-1936
HRH George Prince of Wales, KG  1902-1910
HRH Albert Edward Prince of Wales, KG   1872-1901