Special Topic Meeting on R - Session 1

Special Topic Meeting on R - Session 1

Date: Wednesday 09 June 2021, 3.00PM
Location: Online
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Throughout the current epidemic there has been considerable focus on, and some controversy around, the use of R as a headline summary of the state of the epidemic. We are holding an online Special Topic Meeting to discuss statistical issues around this general topic. In the tradition of RSS Discussion Meetings, the programme will consist of oral presentations based on written papers that will be made available beforehand, followed by open discussion contributions and responses from the authors, all of which will then be published as a permanent record.

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15.00. Kris V. Parag, Robin N. Thompson, Christl A. Donnelly 
Are epidemic growth rates more informative than reproduction numbers? 
Download paper (PDF)

15.15. Nicholas Jewell and Joe Lewnard 
On the use of the reproduction number for SARS-CoV-2: Estimation, misinterpretations, and relationships with other ecological measures 
Download paper (PDF)

15.30. Luc E. Coffeng, Sake J. de Vlas
Predicting epidemics and the impact of interventions in heterogeneous settings: standard SEIR models are too pessimistic  
Download paper (PDF)

15.45 Invited discussants:  Justin Lessler, Phil O’Neil, John Kingman
16.15 Open discussion
Professor Sylvia Richardson and Peter Diggle
Royal Statistial Society