RSS warns against cherry-picking of inflation statistics

The RSS has responded to concerns that the Prime Minister may use October’s - just announced -lower rate of inflation (CPI) to uprate benefits instead of the September figure which is typically used.  

Using consecutive whole 12-month periods is vital says the Society, when making policy decisions that are properly informed by statistics, and not to do so risks being seen as cherry-picking to suit policy preferences. Using the lower October CPI rate instead of the higher September figure would mean the government would be ignoring a month of high inflation in 2022.  

The RSS in an X thread which was then covered by the Guardian also welcomed the drop in inflation to 4.6%. While it now looks likely that the PM’s target of halving inflation this year will be met,  it is too soon to be sure about this until we have seen the figures for the full year.  

It also pointed to the Household Cost Indices (HCIs), which it has long been campaigning for the development of, which will be published quarterly by ONS from December. These indices will look to measure inflation as experienced by different households.  

The RSS is holding an event at the Resolution Foundation and online to discuss the new HCI figures on 12 December. You can register to attend here.  

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