RSS launches new accreditation pathway for data science professionals

Applications are now being accepted for our second data science accreditation: the Data Science Professional certificate. Joining Advanced Data Science Professional, the two accreditation levels now form our first career pathway tailored to those working in data science – the culmination of our work with the Alliance for Data Science Professionals.

The accreditations constitute a competency framework and pathway for all those in the field of data science, with the Data Science Professional certificate aimed at recent graduates with at least two years’ work experience. As well as providing individuals with recognition of their good quality of work and training, certification enhances CVs, reflects positively on organisations and facilitates recruitment, among other benefits.

Decisions on accreditation will be based on the fulfillment of criteria in at least three of our five key skill areas. Each area in an application must also contain a focus on ethics and maintaining good practice with data, thereby supporting good governance within data science and promoting ethical data practices.

To apply for accreditation, you must first join the RSS and then fill out the online application form, detailing your education and career experience.

To find out more and for the full guidence notes, click here.
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