RSS launches new member category for data analysts

It is now possible for people who have the ability to analyse data to gain recognition of their skills with a new ‘RSS Data Analyst’ professional grade of membership. The new member category, launched last week, formally recognises individuals with a certain level of statistical and data training.

In order to gain this accreditation, individuals need to become an RSS fellow first, and commit to following the RSS Code of conduct. They'll also have to meet a series of criteria and pay a one-off fee in order to upgrade to the registered title of Data Analyst. 


The RSS member benefits package can help the registered Data Analysts further enhance their skills, with subscription to the RSS’s flagship magazine, Significance, discounts on fees for Society conferences, events and training courses, plus networking opportunities via the Professional Statisticians’ Network.

‘We’re very excited about this development,’ says Rachel Hilliam, RSS vice president and chair of its Professional Affairs Committee (PAC). ‘Previously it’s been difficult for those starting their careers in analysing data to get their skills recognised professionally, but this new grade of RSS membership sets a benchmark that will give employers confidence in the skillset of registered Data Analysts.’

‘It’s all part of a raft of changes we’re making to help statisticians and data scientists gain recognition of the skills they have and the training they’ve done. I would encourage anyone working with data to take a look at our guidelines to see if they meet the criteria.’

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