RSS launches 5th Mardia Prize workshop grant

We've just launched the fifth round of the Mardia Prize, founded by RSS fellow Kanti Mardia, which encourages cutting-edge interdisciplinary work by funding events or workshops in emerging interdisciplinary areas. If you are working in an area which would benefit from cross community engagement, then this opportunity is for you! 

The Society welcomes proposals for workshops running over a two-year period starting during 2022. Funding of £3,000–4,000 per year will be made available to support these workshops. The events/workshops should be designed to bring statisticians together with other scientific communities and to maintain a sustained focus. We envision that the funding would be used to support one workshop per year, but more extensive workshop plans that use other funding as leverage will also be considered. 

Applications are especially welcomed from researchers in the early stages of their career, although applications or involvement from those with more experience and wider contacts would also be welcome.

Applicants should consider carefully how to foster genuine interaction between communities, for example by scheduling interactive sessions within the workshops or by setting up online networks to encourage ongoing dialogue. There should be some record of the proceedings of the programmes, which could be short online papers rather than just presenters’ slides; at the end of the work the organisers should provide a brief report to the Society demonstrating the outcomes of the initiative. 

To apply, please send a single PDF file of, at most, four A4 pages, minimum 10pt font size, to containing:

  • A workshop series description and time plan, including details of: why and how the events would benefit the communities involved; the applicant/team’s previous engagement with the non-statistical community; and a plan for dissemination of the workshop outcomes to the wider community.
  • A brief workshop budget, including anticipated leverage funding, if any.
  • An at-most, two-page CV for the main applicant and (optionally) a description of an applying team or group.

The application deadline is Friday 1 October 2021.

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