Carlos Grajales, Member of Significance magazine editorial board

Carlos Grajales is a statistician and business analytics consultant based in Mexico.

What does the role involve? 
The Editorial Board is responsible for Significance’s content and quality. We overview the  schedule of features, review contributions and articles, suggest interesting topics for the magazine and even debate over some controversies that arise every now and then (yeah, those actually happen). 

Why did you choose this role? 
Here in Mexico you didn’t really get too much press about the RSS years ago, so Significance was my first contact with the Society. As a stats undergraduate I got my hands on some issues and immediately fell in love with the magazine. I felt really close to their goals of promoting statistical thinking and concepts with such a lighthearted approach for non-statisticians, so I jumped at the first chance I had at supporting their amazing work, first by contributing some articles and now with a more active role. 

Has the experience been valuable for your professional development? 
Absolutely. For starters, I’ve had the chance to connect and collaborate with many amazing statisticians, engage in thought-provoking discussions and learn a lot about dissecting complex statistical concepts for a non-specialized audience. Besides all that, just getting the chance to read first hand all the amazing articles that get published on Significance, coming from all types of authors and covering so many different topics, also helps to keep yourself updated about news and developments within our field.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with the RSS? 
This is a hard one, there’s plenty to love! But if I had to choose, getting to work with such amazing people and having incredible and engaging debates and conversations with my colleagues, might be at the top. Also, getting your hands on every new issue of Significance and knowing that you contributed a tiny piece to it, just never gets old.  

What advice would you give to anyone interested in volunteering with the RSS? 
Start right away! You are missing some of the most exciting collaborations available for any professional. And don’t let separate continents or a busy schedule stop you, the team is incredibly kind and respectful of your time, so there will be a way to make it work. Just take a look around the RSS website to see what drives your interest and get in touch. Trust me, once you get started, you’ll realise the effort is worth it. 

What’s next?
I just started my second term on the Board, so I will definitely be around with Significance for a little longer. But I will surely get involved with some other RSS initiative in the not-so-distant future. For instance, I’ve been tempted to participate within the Society’s mentoring scheme, a fantastic way to build new relationships and help the new wave of young statisticians climb through their careers.