Ben Swallow, member of the RSS conference board

Ben Swallow is lecturer in Statistics at the University of Glasgow

What does the role involve? 
The role involves supporting the organisation and running of the RSS Annual Conference. This includes reviewing submitted abstracts for invited and contributed talks, facilitating links with relevant RSS sections and groups and deciding on plenary speakers and other general events taking place at conference. 

Why did you choose this role? 
I have attended the conference several times and have always enjoyed the wide variety of participants it attracts. Being part of the organisation of the conference is therefore very rewarding and allows me to be at the forefront of organisation of a varied programme that highlights the diversity of methods and applications of our discipline. 

Has the experience been valuable for your professional development? 
The role has provided me with a variety of skills in event organisation, reviewing submissions and communication that has been very valuable in my professional development. 

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with the RSS? 
The board has a wide range of members from across the discipline and has allowed me to make links with many leading academics. 

What advice would you give to anyone interested in volunteering with the RSS? 
There are many different ways that you can get involved and they can be very rewarding. If you are unsure what role to take, reach out to current volunteers to discuss what the role involves. 

What’s next? 
I am involved in several volunteer roles at the RSS and currently intend to carry on in these roles.