Consultants Directory

We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.


Jean Mcewan Research Design / Data Analysis and Interpretation / Sensometrics Sensory & Consumer Sciences Food, Drink and Related Industries / Beverage Alcohol Training, Coaching and Mentoring Resource to Cover Short and Longer Term Client Needs – Industry, Agencies, Research Organisations


Andrew Stone Oncology Trial Design Data analysis and interpretation IDMC


Timothy Davis Engineering Worldwide


Simon Bond Early phase adaptive trials. Regulatory CTIMP trials. Worldwide


Dennis Kunimura Actuarial, Financial, Machine Learning, R Programming, Statistical training


Jennifer Rogers Clinical trials; Regulator interactions; Analysis and reporting; Clinical trial design; Sample size calculations; Real world evidence


Moon Tong So Applied Social Science Rsearch Worldwide


Jo Morrison Analysis of publicly available education datasets, e.g. National Pupil Database, PISA & TIMSS international studies. Application of statistical techniques such as multilevel modelling and item response theory. Design and analysis of surveys.


Kim Cocks Clinical trial design Medical Devices Statistical analysis plans Statistical analysis Patient reported outcome development Longitudinal data analysis with informative missing data Worldwide


Jackie Campbell Applied statistics/data analysis Research design Commissioned research and evaluation Worldwide


Alison Colyer I have experience analysing a variety of data types such as qPCR, sequencing, behavioural or dental measures etc., which incorporate statistical complexities such as repeated measures, non-linearity, multivariate, censoring and multiplicity.


Piotr Fryzlewicz Statistics and data science consulting services in: statistical modelling and simulation; time series analysis including time series forecasting; predictive analytics including predictive regression modelling; statistical computing in R; statistical learning and machine learning including deep learning; change-point detection; high-dimensional statistical inference and dimension reduction; quantitative finance. Statistics and data science training courses in: general statistics and machine learning, predictive regression modelling, deep learning with R and Keras, time series analysis including forecasting, basic and advanced R, statistics in finance. (Please contact me if you are interested in a course on a topic not listed here.)


Gilbert Mackenzie Statistical Model Development. Survival and Event History. Non-PH and & Parametric Models. Covariance Modelling in longitudinal studies.Design and Analysis of Longitudinal RCTs. Interval Censoring. GLMMs. R. SPSS. I was a Medical statistician for 30 years in QUB , Belfast, UK; Professor of Medical Statistics at Keele University in the UK and Director of the Centre of Medical Statistics; Professor of Statistics in the University of Limerick and Director of the Centre of Biostatistics and finally Visiting Professor of Statistics at ENSAI, Bruz, Rennes, France.


Andrew Butler FMG Consumer Healthcare OralCare


Diego Kuonen Statistical thinking, statistical engineering, statistics, data science, data mining, business analytics, big data analytics and related software. Worldwide


Yin Bun Cheung Clinical trials, epidemiology, patient-reported outcomes


Keith Poon Devoted and competent team is our most valuable asset; our consultants have over fifteen years of professional experience from different disciplines like IT, management, manufacturing and service sectors. We offer cut to the point diagnosis, quick and handy solution, for pursuing high level organization effectiveness, process efficiency and sustainable business growth. Asia


Brijesh Sathian Epidemiology, Bio-statistics, Statistical Modelling


Camille Szmaragd Veterinary epidemiology, statistical modelling, computational statistics, multilevel modelling and MCMC simulations.


Olusanya Olubusoye My area of specialization is econometric analysis and macroeconometric modelling. I have proficiency in formulating models for policy analysis, simulations and forecasting using popular packages like EViews, TSP and Stata.