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We provide a Directory of Statistical Consultants listing our professionally qualified members who offer a statistical consultancy service. Professionally qualified members hold the status of Chartered Statistician (CStat).

The Directory contains profiles created by the consultants, including information on their specialisms and background as well as their contact details. It operates on an opt-in basis – each consultant has agreed to their profile being available on our public website. There are terms of reference covering the operation of the directory, to ensure it remains up to date.

Marie Oldfield Statistics, Modelling, Maths, Operational Research, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, TV formats, Systems, CBRN, Process Management, Stakeholder Management, Consultancy, Leadership, Business Intelligence, MI, Business Cases, Lean, Six Sigma, DV, SC, Defence, Aerospace, Change Management, Analysis Worldwide
Paul Hewson - Administrative, census, survey and web event data. - Visualisation and modelling; communicating to end users and ensuring actionable intelligence is gained. - Bayesian and spatial modelling, small area estimation - Road injury analysis - Statistical computing, CI/CD for data science


Isobel Claire Gormley - Clustering and classification methods. - Variable/feature selection. - Multivariate analysis. - High dimensional data modelling. - Longitudinal data analysis. - Metabolomic and genomic data modelling. - Modelling rank data. - Survey data analysis. - Statistical software expertise (mostly R) and proficient in C.


Jennifer Rogers Clinical trials; Regulator interactions; Analysis and reporting; Clinical trial design; Sample size calculations; Real world evidence


Matthew Sperrin Medical statistics, Epidemiology.


Timothy Davis Engineering Worldwide


Stephen Huang Observational clinical research; clinical trials, evidence-based medicine; study designs. Worldwide


Rachael Lawrance Design, analysis and reporting clinical trial data Statistical consulting for Pharma/Healthcare companies Analysis of Patient Reported Outcomes


Violeta Balinskaite Data analysis, longitudinal data, healthcare policy evaluation, machine learning techniques


Aura Popa • Data science and advanced analytics technical applications offering bespoke data driven solutions to Market Research industry (Data Validation and Cleaning, Data Processing and Reporting, Basic Statistics, TURF Analysis, Key drivers analysis, Text Analytics, Spatial Statistics, Brand Mapping, Data Reduction, Decision Trees, Optimum Price Modelling, Data Visualisation, RFM Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Predictive analytics, Multichoice Discrete Models (MaxDiff, Conjoint)) • Customed Tailored Dashboards to answer your company needs • Customed Tailored Training to answer your employees needs in Basic Stats, SPSS, Excel


David Warne Infertility Research, Statistical Research, Process Management, Quality Management, Outsourcing. Standards, Regulatory Guidances, People Management, Cross-Cultural Experience, Computing skills.


Alison Colyer I have experience analysing a variety of data types such as qPCR, sequencing, behavioural or dental measures etc., which incorporate statistical complexities such as repeated measures, non-linearity, multivariate, censoring and multiplicity.


Ana Nora Donaldson Biostatistics. Her expertise is in the design, evaluation and execution of research projects and the statistical analysis of the corresponding data.


Andrew Garrett Clinical trial design and drug development. Non-inferiority and subgroup analysis. Big data. Linking of administrative data (government) Worldwide


Martin Gibson International and multi-cultural experience in project leadership, change management, and cross-functional team management to improve bottom line performance through Systems Thinking, 4th Generation Management, Advanced Quality Planning, Lean Six Sigma, Policy Deployment, Failure Mode Avoidance, Robustness and Variation Reduction.


Lai Ming Ho His main research interests include tobacco and other lifestyle related diseases and infectious diseases Please visit my homepage:,-lai-ming


Kevin Mcconway Application areas include ecology (particularly plant ecology), health (particularly observational projects), media. Software experience: R, GenStat, SPSS, Minitab. Worldwide


Jackie Cooper Genetic data. Survival analysis. Use of risk scores in disease prediction. Help with student dissertations.


Sarah Littler SELECT STATISTICAL SERVICES LTD Select Statistics provides a comprehensive statistical consultancy service that brings value to our clients through our professional solutions, services and training. We operate across a broad range of sectors and offer a wide variety of services that can all be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our clients range from large international corporations and public sector bodies to SME’s and private individuals. No project is too big or small. To some we are statistical analysts, to others we are data scientists or statistical consultants. Whatever terminology you prefer, what characterises and drives us is identifying and using the best statistical tools to achieve greater understanding, improve decision making and solve practical problems for our clients. Our aim is always to deliver high quality products and services for our clients and we are especially happy to help clients develop internal expertise so that they can understand and use statistical techniques themselves. For more details and case studies please visit the Select Statistics website as shown on the Contact Details tab.


Thomas Brown Data Analysis, Lean Manufacturing, Optimisation Projects, Predictive Analytics, KPI Reporting, Six Sigma, Quality Control & Mapping, Programming, Process Modelling, Method Validation.