Github repository templates - Designing the perfect data science project for every environment (Online)

Date: Wednesday 17 July 2024, 6.00PM
Location: Online
Section Group Meeting

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Starting up a new repository is often the first thing we do as data scientists on a new project. To help with this we have brought together three leading data scientists who will share the template repositories they have developed to support getting started on a new project quickly.  
Many projects have restrictions on internet access or have locked down IT systems. In this session we will talk through an ideal repository for working in a locked down environment and also where you have full reign to install anything you like.
We will cover:
  • Basic repository structure
  • Package management
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • QA
  • Working with approval teams
  • Compliance
  • Information governance
Jennifer Hall - previously lead data scientist at NHSE

Dr Chris Monit - Senior Data Scientist at Faculty

Dr Bec Gray - Lead Data Scientist at Carnall Farrar
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Non-members - £10