Covid-19 Webinar Series: Update on COVID 19 Vaccinations

Covid-19 Webinar Series: Update on COVID 19 Vaccinations

Date: Thursday 01 July 2021, 12.00PM
Location: Online
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This webinar will focus on Vaccinations - giving an update on coverage but also considering the effectiveness and impact of the vaccination programme.This will include work on the relationship between the vaccination programme and infections - and also the relationship with mortality statistics.
The programme will include speakers from the following organisations:
University of Strathclyde and Public Health Scotland - Vaccination Statistics in Scotland
Public Health England - Vaccination uptake and effectiveness in England
Office for National Statistics - Vaccination rates in England by socio-demographic characteristic, and also relationship with infections and mortality
Public Health Wales – Vaccination Statistics in Wales

Registration for this webinar is now open.
Alison Macfarlane (Chair, RSS Official Statistics Section) – Welcome
Deana Leadbeter (Chair, Health Statistics User Group) – Introduction to the Webinar
Vaccination Statistics for Scotland
Diane Stockton (Public Health Scotland) - Vaccination uptake – including information by JCVI  (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) category, age, geography, ethnicity, deprivation and for teaching workforce
Chris Robertson (University of Strathclyde) - Latest evidence on vaccine effectiveness and some of the challenges with these analyses
Vaccination Statistics for England
Colin Campbell (Public Health England) – Vaccination uptake in England
Jamie Lopez (Public Health England) – Vaccination effectiveness in England
Vaccination Rates in England
Ted Dolby (Office for National Statistics)
Vaccination coverage and vaccine attrition by socio-demographic factors in England.
Work on extending this analysis to consider infections and mortality will not have been published by the time of this event, so will not be presented at the webinar, but information will be given on where to access these reports, when they are available, and links will be posted on the HSUG web page.
COVID 19 Vaccination Surveillance in Wales
Simon Cottrell (Public Health Wales)
Routine surveillance for COVID19 vaccination coverage in Wales using a national vaccination register approach and the application of enhanced surveillances for vaccination equality.
Q & A .  Questions for the speakers and comments can be submitted via chat during the webinar.  Questions can also be sent by e-mail in advance to the webinar e-mail address

All presentations will be posted on the HSUG and RSS web sites immediately after the webinar, and a report of the webinar, including the Q&A session, will be posted a week or so after the webinar.
Please see for advice on how to access the information on the HSUG webpage.
The webinar will be recorded and a link to the recording will be posted on the RSS and HSUG websites.

Organised by Richard Willmer for the Health Statistics User Group (HSUG) and the RSS Official Statistics Section